About Shadow Collins

I'm 14 and i love the Percy Jackson series. Im also into Role-playing and anime/manga

Anyone still on

I can’t believe this place is still here. Are any of the hunters still around. I’m trying recuperate after everything that happened (don’t worry no spoilers) so is anyone else here?



I walk through the woods trying to find a good spot to doodle when I hear a screech in a nearby clearing. As I run into the clearing I notice a net laying on some branches I quickly relies there’s a young female (don’t ask me how I new it was a girl I just did) black eagle trapped under it. I hurry over and try to calm her down. “it’s okay.” I wisper stroking her head. “I’ll get you out.” the eagle calms down and let’s me cut the net with my knife. After I finnish cuting the net she flys up and lands on a branch. “thank you.” it says well not really says more like I can tell by it’s expression. “well I have to go.” I saw leaving. The eagle flys and lands on my shoulder and I laugh. “I guess I can bring you with me but what should I name you?” the eagle pulls of one of her feathers and drops it in my hand. “wow it’s as dark as midnight…oh your name is Midnight?” I ask. She seems to nod. “okay Midnight let’s go!” I saw walking back to the site where were staying. She’s been with me ever since!



How I met my cousins

Shadow here! Sorry I haven’t posted I’ve been busy so I thought I could post about how I met my cousins Amy and Dan.
“hi mom.” I say laying down a rose on her grave. “I’m finally close enough so I can visit you more.” I hear voices and I hide behind a tree. “one more! Please!” I hear a boy yell. “alright one more.” comes the reply from what looks to be his sister. I see the boy run up then stop at moms grave. I hear the boy ex lame,”check this out!”. “what is it Dan?” his sister asks walking up behind him. “this person has the same name as you Amy.” he replies. studing the grave she remarks, “yeah, she does.” I start to back up slowly but I step on a twig. Snap! The noise was louder then I thought it would be. Turning around Amy asks, “what was that?” before I could here Dan reply┬áI ran into the woods. “I saw a girl” Dan says, “come on!” I keep running till I find a little stream and I sit down. “are you okay?” I hear Amy say (to this day Dan says I screamed I didn’t…well maybe just a little). “no ” I reply, “I’m fine.” Amy holds her hand out and helps me up. “I’m Amy Cahill.” Dan runs over breathless. “Man your fast!” he says panting. “And that,” Remarks Amy roling her eyes “is my little brother Dan.” “Shadow” I reply. “Shadow Cahill” (I hadn’t changed my last name at the time).

Shadow’s story

Since everybody els is telling their story I guess I’ll tell mine. I know your probably thinking this story will be like the others all adventurous..mine isn’t well unless you count the mysterious social worker and the baby girl me and my friend found in the woods oops I’m getting ahead of myself well I’ll start at the beginning. I was born Shadow Grace Cahill (I know my profile says Collins I’ll explain later) unlike others I was 5 when my dyslexia sunk in. My mom Amy Cahill was the most amazing mom ever. I say was because…she died of cancer when I was 6 she was diagnosed in January 2002 the year I turned 5. The doctor who diagnosed her said she only had a month to live. But the next doctor (turns out to be Apollo) said that the other (he nearly said mortal) doctor was wrong and my mom has a year to live. We did everything together….she died August 21 2003.

After that I went from foster home to foster home (most of the time running away) my social worker (a old guy at the time) threatened to put me in the worst orphanage he could find. After I ran away from a preticular ((pardon my spelling)) foster home and being caught a young lady came to the police station to pick me up she told me. I’m Nysa (that’s how she spelled it) your new social worker mr.James retired yesterday. I asked her if it was because of me. She said no he’s old and needs his rest. She had long black hair like mine but her eyes were more silver then grey. She took me to a foster home I stayed there longer then usual.

I was put in school (a few weeks after I came to the foster home) and I met Elle calihan we became best friends. It was in the spring when we found the baby. We were in our special spot in the woods when we heard a soft cry coming from deeper in the woods. We fallowed the noise when we came into a little meadow. There we saw a little cradle on the ground. Elle bent down and picked up a baby girl. She had blonde hair and the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. We named her Lucy Jane and took turns secretly taking care of her. A few weeks later I was told I was moving to New York city to live with a young couple. When I told Elle she handed me Lucy and told me to keep her. I didnt know what to say so I wrapped up Lucy in a warm blanked and carried her to the car. She was so quite no one new she was there. So I moved in with the young couple Amanda and Ryan Collins. When they found out about Lucy they let her stay and treated her as their own baby girl.

How I joined the hunters I was at camp (after I was taken there by a sayter) when Thalia visited. She told me all about the hunters of Artemis after a while I chose to join.