Eliza Williams

Born: June 8, 1998

Current Age: 12 (forever)

Joined Hunters: Feburary 2011

Hair: Looks Black in the moonlight, brown in the sun

Eyes: Gray

Skin: Fair in the winter, tan in the summer

Born to: Mortal Dad and Goddess Athena

My Story:

I, Eliza Marie Williams, was born June 8, 1998 in a small town in New Jersey to college professor Ian Williams and the goddess Athena. 2 months after I was born, Athena had to leave.

For the first few years of my life, I led a normal life. In 4th grade, I befriended Raymond Faungate, an undercover satyr looking for demigods such as me. I was almost impossibly smart, some of my friends called me “wise”. I thought my smarts came from my dad.

On January 25, 2011, everything changed. I was a 7th grader then, still friends with Raymond. My teacher, Ms. Madilinia had called me to talk to her in private. There, Ms. M had turned into an empousa, a beast similar to a vampire, however with one bronze leg and one hairy leg. She attacked me, but luckily, Raymond came in just in time to save me and to goad the empousa off. Raymond and I ran out of the school, I was in pretty bad condition, There were scratches all over my chest, arms, legs, and even one on my forehead. Along the way home, Raymond told me that my dad says that if something happens to me before I turn 14, I was not ready yet for Camp Half-Blood. At first, I didn’t know WHAT he was talking about.

There, my dad met me at the storm cellar and took me down there to stay until I was ready. Weeks passed. I was healed thanks to the nectar and ambroisa. Raymond told me about how Greek mythology was real, and believe me, I was shocked. Still then, neither Raymond, nor my dad told me who my mom was.

On Feburary 28, 2011, I met Summer. She was a really nice girl, and somehow, she found me. She told me that she was lieutenant huntress of Artemis #2. She and Artemis were interested with me joining the hunters. I agreed to join. My dad was reluctant of letting me go, but then Summer persuaded him to change his mind and let me go.

When I first arrived at the hunters, I was a little shy. I was the only demigod of the group that hasn’t been claimed yet. I spent days wondering who my mom was. Then on March 5, 2011, I was finally claimed by Athena, in an unusual way. A whole lot of owls all of a sudden perched on my arm, not a coincidence at all.

April 6, Starlight was given to me.

April 7, became a full-fledged hunter.

May 9th, I became lieutenant.

Eliza’s School Picture: taken November 2010: Two months before the attack

Anime Archer

Eliza using her bow and arrow: April 2011

Eliza (center,) Summer (right) and demigod Vanessa Bloom (left) hanging out in the garden. We got to know Vanessa well and gained her trust: May 2011.

Demigod Vanessa Bloom at her dad’s flower shop: taken by Eliza May 2011
Preschooler Eliza: September 2002
Eliza taking a short rest after hunting: June 2011
Eliza getting all set to hunt, June 2011
Demigod Maya Bonita modeling the new shampoo, Pomegranate Flirt: June 2011
Eliza enjoying her time on the Hunters, June 2011
(from left to right) Vanessa, Summer, Eliza, and new-to-CHB Harriet at CHB. July 2011
3rd grader Eliza, practicing for a soccer game: July 2007
Maya modeling the new perfume, Ocean Beauty. July 2011

Eliza visiting New York City to get a refill of nectar: March 2011

top: (from left) Shadow, Diana, Eliza, Little Wee, Alex, Lily | bottom (from left) Cat and Summer (taken July 2011)

Summer (left) and Eliza (right) on the swingset talking: August 2011

Class picture: Top row First three: Vanessa, Summer, and Harriet. Middle Row: Eliza (1st) and Maya (9th) taken June 2011

Eliza’s first day of school, undercover as Jessica Miller: September 2011

Eliza outside before the fall dance, October 2010


That’s Raymond, the satyr who saved my life. April 2010

Eliza returning from her time away: May 2012

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