Name: Ceridwen Elspeth River
Age: 15
Gender: F
Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland
Height: 5″6
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Navy
Description: Thin, heart-shaped face, freckles, long + layered hair, styled in various ways, bangs swept to side, almond navy blue eyes, likes hoodies and sweatpants
Voice: Soft, slight Scottish accent
Personality in a nutshell: Ceridwen is the silent, calm type. She’s easygoing and selfless, and easy to get along with. She didn’t particularly enjoy Camp Half-Blood, as her cabin mates found her to be a softie and a bookworm. Despite being a Daughter of Ares, her greatest asset is her brain, and she tends to devour books and has a million thoughts running through her head every second. Although she often has trouble explaining her ideas and thinking up actual strategies, she’s extremely clever and uses that to her advantage in battle.
Good Traits: Determined, clever, intelligent, calm, sincere, self-sacrificing, honest, open minded, modest, adventurous, observant, loyal, patient, courageous, tougher than you think (she is a daughter of Ares, after all!)
Flaws: Insensitive, blunt, indifferent, once in a frenzy she becomes reckless and ditches common sense, insecure, distrusting, secretive, often overly-solemn, doesn’t quite joke around a lot, unable to judge others, lack of leadership skills, unambitious, softspoken, a little hard to talk to, barely speaks up
Weapon: Bow and dagger (dagger is enchanted toshrink until it’s no bigger than a pinkie; normally worn as a hairpin)

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