Huntress of Artemis

Wondering if joining the hunters was a right choice. It was, as I decided later.

Name- Diana Winters
Hair- Black
Skin- Light-ish brown
Age- 11 (for eternity)
Rank- Lieutenant Helper (maybe Hunter Trainer)
Eyes- Dark brown with hazel light
Make up? Never. Except for lip balm, which is technically not makeup.
Favourite colour- Purple
Accesories- My Glasses (I didn’t know what to put them under, so I wrote accesories to mention my glasses ^^)
Parentage- Unknown

My story- Redoing story! Check Diana’s adventures to read it, I’ll put the entire story here when it’s done.

Meh, I deleted the pictures. They were sort of pointless. I’m practising on my tablet so maybe I’ll draw some of my own pictures.

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