Chapter 1:

Since all you other huntresses did one. I thought I might as well. And mine doesn’t start at a boarding school or anything like that it starts at camp.

*Alexra is 15 ok?

3 years before

I dipped my feet in the clear blue water with the sun shining creating reflections on the lake. I skipped rocks in lake trying to beat my high count. I softly hummed a song and a group of frogs gathered around me.

How did i even get to camp, I thought. My mother Katrina was married to a mortal named Jerry. He didn’t want to have a kid so they didn’t. But Pontus saw that my mother wanted a child so badly so he created me out of pure fresh water. That is why sometimes people call me so “perfect.” Which I must always disregard because there is always one flaw about me. Like that I was so oblivious to love and naive.

My father did not want to be wrapped up in all of this greek mythology nonsense so he left my mother to care for me. My mother was so burdened with sorrow she abandoned me. Which caused Pontus to be very furious. He cursed my father but blessed my mother with good luck because he understood the pain that she was going through. My father he cursed him with never finding true love as good as Katrina. So he decided to help me and brought me to Camp Half Blood so I could be properly raised by caring people. Nut still I have a few abilities like I have power over water, I can transform into water and maybe some sea creatures so far a fish, communicate ONLY with frogs. Also. I have a voice which attracts animals and the occasional person.

I was awakened from my thoughts when I head a rustle in the near by towering cat tail plants.

“Ricardo! I know you can’t scare me you silly frog!” I murmured and held my rock throwing my rock in the general direction of the sound. I was pretty sure that it was only an animal. I did not expect to hear this.

“OWWWW!” he screamed falling down. He was around my age maybe a year older. He had blonde hair that cascaded down to his eyes. And warm, friendly brown eyes. He must have been new because he had a camp shirt and a backpack. I slapped him and he woke up. He stared at me for a good 3 minutes and then shook it off and sat up. I felt odd and just sat there.

“Uh. Hi. My name is Alexra. I am a water nymph.” I said with a gracious smile. He sat next to me with his feet

“Well, you got a really mad throw! I didn’t know um…pretty nymphs hung out here. I am Aiden. Hoping to be claimed.” he groaned.

“Ahh. I know the other nymphs are really pretty. Don’t worry you will be claimed! Well, I must be off.” I replied and jumped into the water without creating a splash.

Present Day

AUGH. 2 important days in one. Aiden was coming back after his summer “break” and the nymph. It is not like I ever win. Well, if you are wondering what this election is well it is to choose who “rules.” the nymphs. And they also lead the daily meetings. Which is supposed to be about our well-being, pollution, to help animals, find ways to make male demigods we aren’t petty maids who just to their hair and a small segment of fashion. But ever since..Stella Monroe took over river nymphs has taken a new girly meaning. Literally, all we do is talk about fashion, which demigod is cute(I never participate in that cause I would feel unfaithful to Aiden), twirl our hair, flirt with every guy in sight and just do ridiculous girly things.

I can’t stand her she thinks she is so fabulous but she isn’t. Also, she hates me cause she thinks I am prettier, nicer and better than her. But in everything except pretty I agree. She has long perfect blonde hair, crisp green eyes and a perfect body. Everything i don’t have. I have wavy red hair, cloudy grey eyes and I am way to slim to have a figure. Of course my friends disregard this. After, 5 days of dating a guy they would immediately break up. Also, she is jealous of ms cause I have a boyfriend. But she is utterly manipulative. Picture of one of those mean popular girls but in the water. Get my point? I like to be a woman. I have secretly trained in the arena with Veronica who is amazing.

I slipped on a simple white dress with flowers decorated all over it. I brushed my flowing red hair and put on my lucky pearl bracelet. I transformed into water a flowed easily down the river. I appeared at the meeting on time or so I thought.

“1 SECOND LATE! UNACCEPTABLE! You are disqualified from the election!” she hollered pointing at me while I took my seat next to Veronica and Bailey. The rocks were smooth so they didn’t wrinkle my dress My friends Jess and Pura where there too.

“Geez Stella take a chill pill! Alexra has an equal chance as you so shut up Mrs beauty queen!” Bailey screamed and winked at me.

“So I heard Aiden the oh so heart stealer of Alexra Moore has come back.” Jess whispered dreamily. I rolled my eyes and slapped her back. Most rude friends ever. Gawd.

“I expect him to have cheated. Guys. He probably went to the beach and hung out with some girls with sun-kissed skin and polka-dotted bikinis. No offense, Alexra. You still are gorgeous!” Veronica whispered in my ear. I groaned how rude were they. Veronica is the single most anti boy person I ever met. She hates boys and acts so much like one I could hardly mistake her for a hunter. But she wants to show the world “what women can do.”

“Well, today is the NYMPH ELECTION! Please vote for me not the loser against me.” she declared and all the animals seemed to be booing her. She whirled back and took a cold hard stare at her “competition.”

“Ha. You so are going to win.” Veronica whispered in my ear. I rolled my eyes. No chance of that. But I held my bracelet.

“Give me some luck Pontus.” I whispered and crossed my fingers. A small green frog came to my hand and I stroked her for good luck.

“The candidates are round of applause ” Frogs croaked, birds tweeted and we clapped. “Stella Monroe!” Chrissy a fellow nymph screamed. Everything then went silent.

“Oh, you pesky non believers. I WILL win! NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES! She growled. Now that actually frightened me I leaned back and Bailey patted my back.

“And. Alexra Moore!” Chrissy exclaimed cheerfully. And the whole lake was a roar. Birds chirping, frogs croaking, nymphs clapping and the wind roared. Some of the campers peeked out of their windows to see the commotion. I walked to the glossy, black rock into the middle and bowed.

“Thanks everybody for nominating me! I would love to win!” I declared graciously and sat down. I noticed Stella’s furious green eyes locked on me. Chrissy handed out the sand dollars and some quills to write on. Yes. We are mildly old-fashioned.

“Good luck Alexra. You would be a great leader. I am voting for you.” she whispered with an encouraging smile. That made me feel better. I was not getting showed up by that rude, sissy. A few minutes later Chrissy collected all the sand dollars. I crossed my fingers, held my bracelet and patted the little frog who seemed to enjoy my company.

“Please win Alexra!” Pura quietly chanted. Stella flipped her hair and just sat there confidently.

“The winner is-”CROAK CROAK! CLAP CLAP”Alexra!” she happily exclaimed. How could I win? I NEVER win!

Hope you enjoy. Sorry, for the length…:/.


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