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In Too Deep- Sneak Peak

From A Summer Story: In Too Deep

A roughy hand caught her on her shoulder. But it wasn’t a hand. Summer barely caught herself in time. She almost screamed. And Summer prided in never screaming, or crying. It made her feel brave. But right now, she wanted to crawl into her sleeping bag, with her cotton candy bunny, and turn on her sleeping bag. Summer remembered Eliza comforting her about the dark, Alexara making a rainbow out of water, Ceridwen giving her a moon shaped nightlight. But all that didn’t count right now.
Summer barely noticed she was pushed into a wall, which she went right through.
“You shouldn’t have, Summerlynne.”
When Summer tried to get out the same way she’d come in, it don’t work.
“I didn’t mean to! You have to believe me,” Summer begged, pounding on the solid brick door, staining her glowing, silvery skin into a dusted, charcoal wreck. “Please, I may have done bad things in the past, but I wasn’t stealing it for my personal benefit! Seriously! If I had, well, then, I would have taken it already! But I had it when you caught me!”
A skeleton clasped her bloody wrists, while another lifted her slender body, and shoved her, hard, into what appeared to be a small bathtub. It was filled with freezing water, and Summer automatically winced away from it.
“What are you doing?” Summer whispered, a tear sliding down her cheek. Now she’d never be able to tell Diana it had been her who had broken her iPod. Or tell Eliza she had taken her spare arrows. Or tell Shadow she’d been the one who had dumped her shield in the ambrosia.
It wasn’t only that, but it was so dark in there! The darkness seemed to be pressing against her from every side. She longed to be outside, feeling the warm sun on her arms.
Curiously, Summer stared at the golden wand, which one of the skeletons was plugging into a glowing white socket on the wall. A white socket? The Underworld didn’t need sockets… Not unless they wanted to use electricity… Electricity from Zeus’s master bolt itself.
Summer wasn’t prepared when the wand touched the water, and her high pitched scream caused a small tremor in the eternally black floor.


Kidnapped by Mom: A Summer Story

Summer gave up trying to do anything fancy with her hair and braided it down her back. “You better stay that way,” she warned it, her had twitching her towards her arrows. But she took a deep breath, just the way Anja told her, and counted to ten. And she reminded herself that shooting we hair would only cause a greater problem.
Summer turned around, and grabbed her bag. It looked just like an ordinary silver backpack. But it was magic. Summer had packed it last night, and she did a double check.
“Bag of hot cheetohs… Check. Arrows… Check. Jammies… Check. Knife… Check. Bow… Check. Stupid gold dress… Check. Wait. Never mind. I’m not taking that.”
Summer grabbed the stupid gold dress, and threw it out the window. Then she returned to her bad.
“Um… Sleeping bag, check. And…” Summer checked to make sure she was alone. “Cotton Candy Webkinz Bunny, check. Ambrosia, nectar, check.”
Finally, Summer stepped out of her tent, and collapsed it to a tiny square the size of a pack of gum. And she put it in her bag.
Summer went around to every tent and shouted “Bye! I’m going! I’ll IM you guys later! Um, that it! Bye!”
Eliza stepped out of her tent and hugged Summer. “Come back quickly, Summerlilly! I’m gonna miss you!”
“Ugh, I’ll escape as soon as I can. Bye!”
And with that, Summer darted into the trees.

Navigating through the trees wasn’t the problem. Arriving at her mother’s house was.
Yesterday, an IM had annoyed Summer. She’d been on her favorite tree, shooting. And then, out of nowhere, her mom was floating in front of her.
“Aiiiiii!” Summer had yelled, falling off the tree.
And then, her mom had asked her to visit for a few weeks. And Summer said no. But her mother threatened to break her iPod which she’d left, and so Summer had caved.
In about a half hour, Summer reached the airport. Quickly, she dashed to the flight to Las Vegas. Of course, the security would be a problem.
“Stop right there, missy. What’s that in your bag?”
Summer cursed in Greek. What could she do now? With a quick shake of her head, she sweetly said “Just my lacrosse sticks. I’m going to Las Vegas to play at nationals!”
In truth, Summer didn’t know what lacrosse was, but the security lady nodded, looking dazed.

Summer’s Adventures, Part Five

The nurse arrived in about five minutes, holding a wheelchair. Summer glared at her, and at the teacher. And at everyone that was staring at her. She was totally fine. Nobody needed to do anything except tell her her mile time. Quickly, Summer asked “Well?” and glared more fiercly at her teacher.

But her teacher didn’t respond. She just kept on staring at Summer.

“Fine!” Summer snapped, and quickly turned the other way. “Can we at least go inside now? It’s, like, really hot.”

And it was. With every passing second, Summer got angrier, and the sun grew hotter.

Finally, as if by magic, Mrs. Smith got the hint and finally told the class to line up. Summer skipped to the line and all the other kids resumed with the usual chatter.

But the nurse and Mrs. Smith were still talking. Then, the teacher came back, and told Summer to go with the nurse.

“Why?” Summer protested, annoyed. “I told you in fine. Sheesh. People these days. So icky.”

“Summer, I’m not asking you to go to the nurse. I’m telling you to go. Now go.”

Grumbling, Summer got up and followed the nurse.

Five minutes later, Summer’s head was all patched up, and she had new, bloodless socks. She was sitting on the bed at the nurse’s office while the nurse talked to her.

“Summer… You’re different from the other kids. I just don’t think you should be here. Maybe if you were at a different school, a special school…”

“You’re kicking me out?” Summer was speechless. Sure, she wasn’t the perfect little straight A student. Heck, the only classes she had an A in we’re PE and Music. But she didn’t have F’s, either.

“We’ve contacted your mother. Since its the end of the school year, you won’t have to go until August. So just, stay home for now, okay?”

Summer glared at her, and tapped her foot impatiently. In less than five minutes, her mom had arrived.

“Oh my Summerlilly, are you okay? Did you get hurt? Should I call the lawyers? It’s okay, mommy is here, I won’t let you get hurt anymore!”

“Squishing me!” Summer snapped, pushing her mom away. She stalked out the door, and her mom followed.

“It’s okay Summer, I found the perfect school! Trust me, you’ll love Edgewood Helping School! Are you excited for sixth grade?”

Summer didn’t answer her. She just walked past the rows of stores, looking in. Then, there was a new store. Summer stopped, surprised. It was as if she had blinked, and it had just… appeared. And it was the most amazing store ever.

Sighing as Summer ran in, her mom followed her. “Greekology! Greekology! Greekology!” Summer muttered to herself, quickly reaching over to get Titan’s Curse, the latest book in the awesomest series ever. Also, she got a silver toy bow, and Artemis: The maiden’s story.

“That’s enough! Lets go!”

Her mom quickly payed and left the store.

Summer followed, jumping in glee.

Summer’s Adventures, Part Three? Or Four? Or Two?

I’m not gonna keep track, xD

Summer didn’t notice her feet ’till P.E.

She’d gotten to her elementary school just in time for third period. Thank Cheese that they had still not gotten the news about the stupid U-Haul. Her teacher, Mrs. Smith, had been surprised, but let Summer in. For the fourth hour of the day, it was time for Summer’s favorite class=P.E.

The whole class walked in single file to the locker room. Summer had been chosen to be the Line Leader, and was skipping to the locker room. Mrs. Smith constantly reminded her to stay in line.

Then she took out her P.E. uniform, and started changing. As she rached down to¬†take her unzip her Converse, she groaned. Her white socks were a dark brown, meaning she’d messed up on the jump. Somehow, she’d gotten herself bloody. But no¬†one needed to know.

Subtly, she took off her socks, and stuffed them in her locker. She would burn them later. But for now, she put on clean socks, and her P.E. shoes.

Finally, the class went outside. And Summer followed. First, they would run the mile, then a game of Badminton. They all lined up for the mile, a lot of the girls complaining.

Mrs. Smith blew the whistle. Everybody had to get under fifteen minutes to pass. She took off, on a sprint, and found her place, well beyond all of the class. A couple of boys were close behind her, calling out comments like “Hey pretty, slow down for us, will you?” and “We’re gonna pound your head in, if you don’t slow down!”

Which just made Summer speed up. The first lap, she ran in one minute and twenty-three seconds. Three more laps to go for the mile. Some fifteen seconds later, those annoying boys passed their first lap. Summer kept on running. Some seconds later, she passed the slowest girls, who muttered things like “What a boy!”

The second lap went, and she still had two more to go The current time was three minutes, fort-two seconds. Her brown hair flying in the breeze, she continued running. The truth was, her feet hurt. very much. But she wanted to get a better time than yesterday.

One more lap. The boys were starting to catch up. They ran, and soon, they were ahead of her. One of them said “Watch out!” She managed to suck in a sharp breath as one of the boys threw a rock her way.

It wasn’t very big. Only about six inches wide. But it struck Summer in her face. She fell backwards, and saw blood. She felt the stinging of tears coming, but it wasn’t because of the pain-it was because of how evil those boys were.

Far away, she heard girls screaming “Are you okay?!” and Mrs. Smith yelling “Don’t touch her! I’m calling the nurse!”

But Summer had other things in mind. She shakily stood up, threw the rock down, and started sprining¬†again. But this wasn’t her normal sprint. It was her rage sprint. The boys were half a lap close to the finish. And she was one fourth of the way.

Several agonizing seconds passed. The biys only had time to say “Hey!” as she shot passed them, and ran through the end. “What’s my time?” she demanded, as everyone stared at her, shocked.


Summer’s Adventures, Part Three


Making a split second decision, she launched herself onto the road, just as a U-Haul came her way.


Cursing in Latin, Summer alanalyzed¬†things quickly. Judging by the speed of the U-Haul, she had maybe two seconds to get out of the way. She could do it, but her books wouldn’t. All or nothing, she decided, as she ducked down, and a rush of black wind ruffled on her sides.

Summer stayed¬†down until she made sure the U-Haul was completely gone. She didn;t notice the gasps of watchers, the ambulance growing stronger with every second. She didn’t notice anything until the stupid doctors were loading her onto a gurney.

“I’m fine! I am fine, I tell you, just let me go. I’m gonna be late for school! I’m gonna sue you, watch out for my lawyer. Get that thing away from me! I’m fine! No… Don’t you put a needle in me!” However, her protests were ignored. Everyone crowded around her, whispering.

“Did you see the U-Haul…?” “Yes, I saw it!” “That little girl flew¬†under it, how did she…?” “She’s a demon! Normal humans can’t do that!” “No, Irene, I’ve met that girl. She’s sweet!” “The driver is going to get sued!”

And Summer was still on the gurney, being strapped down. She’d tried kicking, screaming, threatening, biting… Nothing worked. One medic came to her kindly and said “Are you okay? What’s your name?”

“Am I…? Have you not¬†been listening to me? I’m perfect! Now, let me go, or I’ll-”

“That’s the Rays girl.” It was Doctor Katie who spoke now. Her mom had been friends with her for ever, and Summer sighed. Doctor Katie was nice enough, but insisted on needles and stuff like that,

“Yes, I’m “that Rays girl” whatever, no one cares, now, if you could just let me go, perhaps I could still make it to second period, as long as you don’t… Never mind.”

The medics had loaded her onto the ambulance. And they were speading away to Sunrise Hospital.

Five minutes later, they arrived. And Marcelle Rays was waiting there.

“My baby, are you okay! I’m so upset… You could have died! And the last thing I did was scold you! Oh my baby! You’re alive!”

Summer groaned, and pushed her mom away. “I’m fine, if they could just let me go…”

They were quickly loading her onto machines, and stabbing needles into her.


No such look. Ten minutes later, they loaded her onto¬†a hospital bed, into the intensive care unit. And to make sure she didn’t escape, they’d locked her arms and lags into matal cuffs.

Summer caught the whiff of a voice talking to her mom. “… miraculously fine! That would have killed someone, I have no idea why… Not even a broken bone! Or a single scratch, now that that’s mentioned. Still, it’d be safe to keep her for the night, just in case… Yes, yes.”

Summer had heard enough. She was not staying in this place. Once everyone was out of her room, she started working on a plan.

She was not clever, pretty, or rich. She wasn’t any awesome popular girl. But she had agility. She could dodge any ball that came her way, win National Musical Chairs, and slide under U-Hauls. Well, the last part didn’t work out, because people would see her, and be convinced that she was a demon or something of that sort.

The sunlight filtered through the room, and caught on the cuffs. Suddenly, Summer knew. It was a plain trick, something that could leave her armless and legless if it went wrong. But still, it was better than waiting. Summer brought her hands close together, and then quickly pulled them apart. They were free. And the same with her legs, and… She was free!

She grabbed her books, and looked out the window. Third floor. She could make it. Wrenching open the window, she set her feet on, bent them, and jumped.

“Now, I’ve got to get to school…”

Summer’s Adventures, Part Two

It was the last week of school. Summer rejoiced at this as she walked down the stairs. Her mother, Marcelle Rays, was standing by the table, the cereal served, and wearing a dangerous expression. Summer walked straight past her without saying anything, and gulped down the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and brushed her teeth. The sun was barely starting to peek over the nearby mountains.

Without another word, Summer picked up her backpack, and walked to the door. From there, she unstuck her knife, and pocketed it. It was a usual routine, every day, when Summer came home from school, she threw her knife at the door. Which earned her a lecture every day, and a punishment. Before leaving, Summer heard her mom’s voice calling “And don’t throw that knife today!”

The moment Summer walked out, the sun came completely out, blasting her with warmth. She glared up at the sun, and turned her eyes away. They came to land on the broken alarm clock, and an evil satisfaction settled over her. Readjusting her backpack, she sett of towards the school.

Judging by the position of the sun, Summer knew it was 7:30 A.M. That gave her fifteen minutes to get to school. Groaning, she broke into a sprint, walking across the busy Las Vegas roads. She came to the busiest street. The light was green. Cars were rushing forward. But if she didn’t go, she wouldn’t get to school on time…

Making a split second decision, she launched herself onto the road, just as a U-Haul came her way.