Zeus, being the usual… dunderhead *lightning strikes* OWWW! Sorry. I mean, Zeus was being smart. Really. Ok, I’ve just blocked this from Olympus ears so that they can’t hear me insulting them. He went to have an affair with Leto, a moon goddess. Now, Hera, queen of heavens, goddess of marriage, wasn’t to happy about that. She stays faithful to her husband, while Zeus goes around having children. So Hera, being the kind goddess that she is, sent all sorts of monsters after pregnant Leto. Hera also declared that Leto could not rest on solid ground. However, the island of Ortygia disobeyed Hera, and Leto had Artemis there. Artemis, the only wise Olympian besides Athena, saw that her mom was hurting, and helped her give birth to her twin brother Apollo. The birthing of the twins was hard because Hera forbade the goddess of childbirth to help Leto. Artemis was easy to give birth to, all nice and cooperative, while Apollo was stubborn and refused to come out. Bu Artemis didn’t stop there. She knew she wanted to be a Hunter goddess, so she asked Daddy Zeus (while sitting on his lap) if he could grant her a few wishes. These were to be ruler of the mountains (she didn’t want cities, but being so sweet, she got them anyway), to be an eternal maiden, bows and arrows to hunt with, to have many names, and the Hunters! The Hunters were originally 80 nymphs, but we evolved over time. Anyway, she got silver bows and arrows from the cyclopes, and she asked Pan, god of the Wild, for hunting wolves/dogs.

Now, Artemis was an eternal maiden! She loved her mommy Leto, a lot. She destroyed boys, punished those who compared themselves to her, and was very nice to the Hunters. Currently,  she hunts monsters with the Hunters, and fights off bad people (Gaea. Kronos).


Artemis, walking in a meadow. April 1987

Artemis, teaching how a bow and arrow work. January 2011Artemis, holding her hunting knife, August 2009

Artemis, hiding from her brother, Winter of 1979


Diana (left), Artemis (center), and Isabelle (right) discuss ideas for better arrows. April 2011


Selina (left), Artemis (center), and Lily (right) hugging in the Field of Sunflowers, May 2011


Artemis (left), Isabelle (center), and Diana (right) walking, April 2011

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