May Li

Me walking aroung the camp for no apperent reason.

May Li Kelly
Birth date: September 4, 1998
Current age: 13 (forever and eternity)
Joined hunters:February 2012
Hair: It just changes color depnding on: My mood or the lighting.
Eyes: It also changes color depending on my mood or lighting.     Skin: Fair
Born to: Mortal Dad and goddess Aphrodite

Siblings: Demi-god Lily Stag; half-sister, Demi-god Maya Bonita; half-sister, and mortal step-brother Mark Lenski

What am I?: Well, I`m a freaky awesome Demi-god daughter of Aphrodite and Lily`s and Maya`s half sister, as well as Mark`s older step-sister.(He never knew I was a demi-god. it`s better that way. Trust me. He WILL get mad if he finds out you have or are something he isn`t.)

Hey there! I`m May Li, a freaky awesome demi-god Daughter of Aphrodite and Lily Stag`s and Maya Bonita`s half sister as you can see above!!
And here’s my story:
     I was alone in my room. I was at my boring boarding school. I hated it there. But my dad was happy when I was there, and I wanted my dad to be happy. I was about to go to sleep, when I noticed something out of my window. I got up and looked out and saw a girl with a grey hoodie on floating in front of me! I screamed and jumped back. after I caught my breath I got back onto my bed. She was still there. I didn`t know who she was. She tapped on my window and told me to let her in. So I did as I was told. She floated in and took off her hood. she looked at me with a ‘sorry-I-freaked-you-out-with-my-flying’ look I asked who she was. She told me “I am Eliza Williams, a loyal huntress of Artemis.” I was starting to think she was lying. I DID belive there was something special about her that made her fly, so that wasn`t the reason. The real reason I thought she was lying was that I DID NOT belive in greek mythology. She saw that look in my eyes. She told me ” I know you may not belive Artemis is real, but she is! Come with me I`ll show you her!” I did want to go to see if she was telling the truth, but I thought to myself ‘You wont see Artemis. Just get to bed. She`s one of those late-night pranksters.’ And I was stupid enough to belive myself. So I tried to be as nice as possible and just smiled and softly said “Look this all sounds great, but I really need to get to bed. I have school in the morning.” she looked a little hurt but still managed to smile. She told me she would come back soon to see if I would join. I asked her “Join what?” She just responded with two words and a smile. “The Hunters.” then she jumped out the window. I thought she was going to die because I lived in the second room on the 10th floor!! I ran and looked out. she was nowhere to be seen. I thought for sure she was gone. Then I saw a huge dust cloud!! I thought she had land soo hard she dented the ground or something! I started to cry because I thought I killed her. I went out to go find her and as soon as I got out, my hair turned blonde. I saw her standing against the wall! I was so happy and relived she was ok!! I started to feel the tension lessen. She was dusting her shorts and hoodie off and looked up and saw me. She said ” Have you decided yet?” and I didn’t know WHAT THE HECK she was talking about!! She told  me she would come back tomorrow to tell me what ‘The Hunters’ were. I felt like following her but I just went back to bed. I woke up the next morning and got ready for school. I went to all my classes just feeling so nervous. The day seemed to drag on and on! I always felt scared knowing ‘Eliza’ could come in at any minute! I  just rushed in to my last class; science which I immediately felt better when I walked in to the room. It`s like when you walk in to someone`s home, and you suddenly smell a garden,and it just calms everything! Well, that`s how I felt when I got into science class! So I was just relived. That class was the only one that didn`t seem like eternity in jail!! I breezed through the class and turned in the classwork. I went outside and as soon as I got to the sidewalk I ran. I ran and never stopped untill I came to the meadow. I just needed to sort everything out. The lonely nights at school. This ‘Eliza’ girl. Her visit last night. The mysterious ‘Hunters’.  It`s just so overwhelming!! I can’t take it anymore!! I`ve decided that I`m going to run away to the hunters with Eliza. It would take me away from this normal life in a horrible boarding school, at a boring house in the sad life of May Li. So I just  started to cry. Remembering all the things I would miss, and my dad. He was the only adult I know that didn`t desert me. My mom had to leave on business as dad told me, My best adult friend left me because she didn`t like me as much as her new friend so we broke up and no longer talk, and My band teacher said I was the worst player in the school!! So I just started crying under the trees. After a while I stopped crying and was a little happy. Then night fell. I didn`t realize I had been here so long! Surprisingly my hair didn`t turn blonde in the darkness. I cried some more. Just as I started again Eliza appeared! She comforted me and calmed me down like a best friend would. So I told her everything. How I was going to join the Hunters and get away from this boring life and come with her. But I told her I would miss my dad. She told me that her friend Summer had the same problem when she was going with the hunters but she told me what Summer does. Summer visits her mom every once in a while and that I could do that too if I wanted to. So she took me to this house in the middle of the forest. I got some sleep and she called my dad and told him I would be sleeping at a friend`s house. Which was technically true. I was at a house. I assumed it was Eliza`s. We were sort of friends, and I am staying here so that is a true statement. I got a great sleep knowing my dad knew where I was. The next day Eliza took me home. She told my dad that I`d be going away but I will visit him very often. He let me go sadly but I thought it was going to be a great new life! and best part? So long boarding school!! We had a hug good-bye and Eliza took me to a big clearing in the forest. I thought we were here for more emotional help but she told me Artemis was here. So I listened to my heart this time and stood where I was to meet Artemis. She came out from behind a bush. She was really pretty! Now I knew I was either dreaming or this was real life! After Artemis, 10 other girls emerged from behind trees. Eliza left me in the middle of the circle. I was so shy. Artemis came up to me and told me that this was my place to be, with the Hunters. I felt like I had gained a few friends suddenly. I was given a crown to wear on my head as a sign to show me as a true member of the huntress. I felt like I was at….. home. Where I needed to be. As I said the oath I put the crown on my head and was now where I needed to be with my new friends!!!
and there’s how I became a huntress.

Studying in my school room right before i saw Eliza. November 2011

When i was outside in the cold waitng for Eliza to come. November 2011

practicing the water skills Alexara taught me. december 2011

trying a new song on my guitar. October 2009

me (right) hanging out and playing with Eliza`s (left) hair. January 2012

hiding behind the rose gate from my brother. spring 2011

Summer (left) giving me (right) a warm welcome to the hunters. November 2011

staring out into the forest when Eliza snapped a picture of me. January 2012

Staring into the sunset. Valentine`s Day 2012

Going out for a walk in the park. End of Winter-Beggining of Spring 2012

Me going hunting in the woods while borrowing Eliza`s Bow. December 2012

Drawing new ideas in the woods

peace out!! 😉

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