I walk through the woods trying to find a good spot to doodle when I hear a screech in a nearby clearing. As I run into the clearing I notice a net laying on some branches I quickly relies there’s a young female (don’t ask me how I new it was a girl I just did) black eagle trapped under it. I hurry over and try to calm her down. “it’s okay.” I wisper stroking her head. “I’ll get you out.” the eagle calms down and let’s me cut the net with my knife. After I finnish cuting the net she flys up and lands on a branch. “thank you.” it says well not really says more like I can tell by it’s expression. “well I have to go.” I saw leaving. The eagle flys and lands on my shoulder and I laugh. “I guess I can bring you with me but what should I name you?” the eagle pulls of one of her feathers and drops it in my hand. “wow it’s as dark as midnight…oh your name is Midnight?” I ask. She seems to nod. “okay Midnight let’s go!” I saw walking back to the site where were staying. She’s been with me ever since!




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