About Artemis and the Hunters


Eons ago, Chaos created the Ouranos and Gaea. They had Rhea, who married Kronos, who had children. These children were the gods. Kronos and Rhea had Zeus, Hera, Hestia, Demeter, Hades, and Poseidon. Kronos ate Hera, Hestia, Demeter, and Hades, but Rhea saved Zeus. Eventually Zeus gave Kronos some bad food, and Kronos, um, puked all his children. Eventually, Zeus and Leto (Artemis’s mom), had two children. Twins. The first child, Artemis, helped her mother give birth to her son, Apollo. When Apollo was six days old, he asked Zeus for golden arrows. And when Artemis was three years old, she asked her daddy for six wishes. These wishes were to be an eternal maiden, to have many names to mark her as Artemis, and not the sister of Apollo, to be a bringer of light, to have a bow and arrow and a tunic to hunt, to be the guardian and ruler of mountains, and of course, the Hunters. Thus, the Hunters were born, and nymphs, demigods, fading gods, mortals, and any follower of Artemis, joined the Hunt and became Immortal. So, lets meet the Hunters now! Artemis goes first, followed by the lieutenant, and then the Hunters. The order in which they appear does not mean they are greater/lesser than others, it’s just the order they joined.

Artemis: The goddess herself. She usually appears as an eleven to thirteen year old girl with auburn (reddish, brownish) hair, and silver eyes, like the moon. She is said to be very pretty, but most of the time, she is hunting something. She has a silver bow and arrow, and is the twin sister of Apollo. She has a silver chariot, and bickers with Apollo often.

Lieutenant, Hunter #3: Eliza Williams, demigod daughter of Athena, who was attacked by an empousa, but a satyr named Raymond saved her. He took her to a storm cellar, and kept her there because her dad thinks she’s “not ready yet”. She was release by Summer, the only Hunter at the time, because Artemis was in godly buisness. She joined the Hunt, happy about her freedom at last. On May 8, 2011, she became the Hunters’ Lieutenant.

Hunter #1: Summer Rays (Lieutenant Helper), the twelve year old mortal girl that joined the Hunt. She has black, darkish eyes, and dropped out of modeling. On May 8, 2011, she handed her lieutenant crown to Eliza. She joined the Hunt because she had no life as a mortal.

Huntress of Artemis

Hunter #2: Diana P. Winters (Lieutenant Helper), the 11 year old orphan girl who was found by Artemis, and Summer. Artemis asked her to join the Hunt, and she agreed. She’s very good at hunting, has killed many beasts, fought against the Titan Army, and is the best Tracker because of her cleverness.

Hunter #4: Shadow Alexis Collins (Full Hunter), the thirteen year old daughter of Zeus, and holder of a Hunter crown. She is always ready for battle, and has her shield at the ready. She loves the way her silver crown that Artemis gave her shines..

Hunter #5: Lilly Stag (Full Hunter), the fourteen year old demigod daughter of Aphrodite, and our prized charmspeaker. She joined the Hunt because she was tired of her mom’s thing for romances. She also left Camp because nobody would leave her alone, especially the boys.


Hunter #6: Catherine (aka Cat) Bloomstone (Full Hunter), 13-year-old huntress of Artemis. Her mother is Athena and she doesn’t know who her father is. She loves to play tricks on people and hopes to blow up the Lotus Hotel and Casino one day.

Alexra huntress

Hunter #7: Alexara Warren (In training), a river nymph who’s more comfortable in the water than on the land. She cares about her friends, and if anything trys to harm them, she turns into a monster and trys to help them out. Also, she’s a good rock-thrower as well as an archer.

Hunter #8: Ceridwen Elspeth River (In training), a fifteen year old Scottish beauty, daughter of Ares. Despite her father’s cold nature, she tends to be selfless and easy to get along with. Her siblings teased her because she enjoyed books.

Hunter # 9: Claudia (In training) is the daughter of an Amazon aura, and a mortal father, who abandoned bother her and her mom. She used her good luck necklace to guide ger, and to help her be accepted into the family of the Hunters.

Hunter #10: May Li (In training) is an easy-going demi-god who gets very stressed easly. She lived with her dad and Bird Jesse while mom was gone. She was brought to the huntresses by Eliza who found her in the middle of the forest crying. She cares and loves (as friends) her fellow hunters. They became her very first friends. Her life growng up was a lonley one. She joined the hunters because she was tired of her lonley awful life at school. She too, is a daughter of Aphrodite, like Lily Stag.(they`re half-sisters)


Hunter in training: a Hunter who is not aging, and technically a Hunter, but is still learning to handle her weapons. She uses a plastic bow and arrows.

Hunter: a full Hunter supplied with Hunter’s crown, knife, bow, tents, hot chocolate. whistle for wolves, wolf feed,and silver glow. She is immortal unless she breaks her oath or dies in battle. She may be a Hunter Trainer.

Lieutenant: the spokesperson of Artemis, acts in charge when Artemis is not available, and trade’s Hunter’s crown for Artemis’s Lieutenant Tiara.

Hunter “Official” Weapons:

(Some Hunters have their own special weapons, but by default, all Hunters have these.)

Celestial bronze knife, eighteen inches, strapped to wait, used to close range, and for knife throwing practice

Silver bow and arrows, what most people recognize Hunters with, because of the glowing quality, and ferocious tip, made with silver and celestial bronze


Starlight, Eliza’s mechanical owl, a tracker and follower

Sunny, Summer’s baby wolf, who can track and hunt.

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  2. I think it is really inspiring to have my story up there. It is unique and special to me, and that story is the reason I’m here. 🙂 I hope that someday soon, I’ll be claimed.

  3. I want a pic. I have gray eyes (Mom), long slightly layered dark brown hair, and my skin tone varies. During the winter, I’m fair, but during the summer, I get tan. For now, let’s do with the fair.

  4. Wow! Awesome! Only one problem: you forgot the crown. Lol.

  5. But I don’t like leggings. D:
    Isabelle: :O Sucks. You can probably wear whatever you want, but don’t make it revealing or appealing.

  6. Hey! My name is Julia and I think I am a mortal. Zoe said that Artemis takes any woman who appreciates her so I was kinda hoping… well anyways, I have light brown curly hair with streaks of dirty blond, my eyes are light brown, and my skin tone is tan.? Well I get really tan during the summer and my tan stayes for most of the year. I am intelligent and have great aim. I hate boys. They are selfish and rude. 🙂 thank you
    Belle: We’d be happy to have you, Julia, but just make a WordPress username, come back and comment to say that you have it, and then we’ll make you a Hunter, if Artemis approves. And she usually does, unless you’re a showgirl or something.

  7. Hi, I like this site! How can you join the Hunters of Artemis? I have been a loyal follower of Artemis for eons!
    Eliza: Hey, Animalfan/Diana! As much as we would love to have you with us, you would need a wordpress account to join. As soon as you get one, comment here and I’ll let you join the group! 😀

  8. Hey guys! I was wondering if I could become a huntress??? I love reading the entertaining posts this blog brings and I LOVE roleplay. =D My name is Nicola and I think I am a mortal. Zoe said Artemis’ll take any girl who appreciates her, and I do, soo… I have black hair, midnight blue eyes with traces of silver and pale skin. I don’t hate boys but I don’t like them either. Some are sweet and kind, but it’s a one in a million chance you’ll find a boy like that. I’m random, I tag along and I’m good with archery and riding horses. Thanks :3

    • Also in real life I love to write stories and I’m a pretty good drawer, if I do say so myself. heehee

  9. Hii uhmm.. My name is Cassandra I am a mortal. ( i think? ) Zoe said that Artemis takes any woman who appreciates her so I was kinda hoping… I have dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes, and my skin tone is tan.? Well I get really tan during the summer and my tan stayes for most of the year. I am intelligent and have great aim. I hate boys. And i was really hoping i could be a hunter?

  10. hey do you think i could join the hunt i belive in artemis so much shes my favorite i total worship her id love to be able to help her. im mortal …… i think im not sure. Anyway i hope i could join i really worshipn her

  11. hey do you think i could join the hunt i belive in artemis so much shes my favorite i total worship her id love to be able to help her. im a demigod. Anyway i hope i could join i really worship her. i cant get an account thoe because my mom wont let me.

  12. Hey I want to be a hunter of Artemis have wanted to join forever soooo how do i do that?

  13. Ever since I learned that Cat is a daughter of Athena too, I was like “Yay, half-sisters!” ^_^ I’m still like that right now. IDK why.

  14. Hi im Ro i woul really like to be a huntress if its okay and stuff. i have brown hair down to my shoulders tanish skin and brown eyes, i also think boys suck

  15. Hello! I would love to join this blog! (Pleaseee ST?)
    Name- Alexra Warren
    Demigod, satyr or nymph?- An river nymph
    Age- 13.
    Appearance- red hair and goes down to her shoulders, a chilled out look to her, fairly tall, pale skin, very light blue eyes almost gray,
    Peronsalitity- very calm and collected, more comfortable in water than land, great swimmer, soft hearted but can turn into a monster when you mess with her and her friends, annoyed with boys, loves water lilies.


    I hope I can be part of this! ^^.

  16. hi I would like to join the hunters i am mortal (i think ) my name is mikayla st.clare. i have long dark brown hair, pale blue eyes change colour, tan in summer pale in winter.

    good with a bow and arrow hate boys gross rude and just plan stupid plez think about my offer i’m 12 years old

  17. hi i was wondering if i could join the hunters and i want u to now that artimis is my favorite and if she ever needs me im here. my name is Mikayla St.Clare im 11 i think im a demigod but i not sure , i have long dark brown hair pale blue eyes there almost gray and im tan in the summer and pale almost white in the winter . get back to me as soon as u can


  18. Hi, its Ro again,i was wordering is there a limited amount of hunters alowed, and if there is a kinda waiting-list please reply

  19. Hi, Hunters of Artemis
    My name is Katherine but call me that and ya die. Anyway, ya can call me Kitty. I am 11 years old and a daughter of Pan. Yes Pan the lost god of the wild. He had a fling with my human mum and when I was born she left me on the streets where I grew up with only my faithful pet Slayer whose a wolf. But I really wasn’t only cause all wild things love me. Back on track, surprisingly I was fully human but could speak to animals, turn into any wild animal, had a skill for making wild things go REALLY wild and love the flute! i am a great spy, tracker and can get any info from animals. However I have a horrible temper (Yes, I admit it.) when boys are near cause they are stupid. I am a master thief and a virgin who wishes to join the hunt. Please accept me. I wish to be free and I am hoping having sisters will help. If I do get accepted by our goddess, Artemis, the I wish to have a picture. I am a 11 year old with long brown hair which is reall, really, really straight. I have green eyes that seem mischievous. If you accept I am ready to battle, protect and even kill for Artemis, our goddess. Accept me. Please your my last hope!
    Katherine “Kitty” Daughter of Pan

  20. I wish to join, but you girls have a limited amount of members!!! NO FAIR!!! In Percy Jackson, Artemis allowed as many girls as she can get. Can you pretty please change the rulez?


  21. Does that mean im too late? 😦
    (My internet name is Lily, not my real name)
    (What do you girls do?)

  22. Hi, I don’t know if it’s too late or anything, seeming as I’ve been looking for the huntresses for a while now, is this the right one? The huntresses of Artemis, because I would like to join.

    If that’s OK?

    • Oh everyone is explaining how they look and their Bio, so I am going to tell you that too.

      My name is Crissa Black (My parents thought it was a nice name) I’m from Ireland and used to live with my dad and mam who I thought was my real dad and mam ten whole years, when I was ten I found out that they weren’t my real parents and I was adopted, I wasn’t too surprised since I look nothing like them, but they cared for me for my whole life and to find out that was a lie crushed me and I ran away, I met my adoption mams sister and she took me to america to live with her but I ran away agan. That was a stupid mistake as straight away monsters started attacking me, and I didn’t get a weapon until I came across a dead drakon (no Idea how it died, I think a demigod was there before me) and I ripped out it’s tooth, then I heard about the Huntresses of Artemis and I thought about how lonely I was and how close I had been coming to death and decided to look for the Goddess and her hunters to ask if I could join and that took me two years, so I’m twelve now.
      And in all those years I have never been claimed, so I have been mad at my godly parent ever since I asked them to claim me and they’ve just went on ignoring me.
      I have shoulder-length black hair, Blue-grey eyes, I am tall, pale skin and always keep my drakon-tooth makeshift dagger in my pocket.

      • Ahh don’t worry, they will claim you soon for Percy has made them swear upon the river Styx. Or the Fates forbid them to tell you. I’m sure your parent loves you. No worries, Im just a mortal with over protective parents. I have ran away a few times, but I have excuses for them. Unfortuantley, they don’t believe me.

  23. I want one, my hair is straight, black. My eyes are green. My skin color is slightly tanned. I’m lily. Look at my gravatar. It’s my pic. (pretend the eyes are green)

  24. hi i was wondering if you would tell me in the future if there are any openings because i would like to be a hunter. I have wavey dark blond/ light brown/ red hair, blue eyes, fair skin and freckles.

  25. sunny is so cute. i have a white wolf with blue eyes named maya. she is so sweet, i found her when she was a puppy, some jerk had shot her mother and just left her i could see the pain in mayas eye in losing her mother. she was trying to clean the wounds. her mother let me aproch her and some kind of understanding passed between us. the mother seemed to relax a little and her heart stopped. i took the pup named her maya and she been my best friend (and my protecter) ever since

  26. my parents have always been normal so i thought i was to. until i relized i could she through the mist. monsters ignore me but it still freaks me out to see them

      • I’m sorry you think that way. I’m sure Eliza would try to accept more hunters whenever possible ^_^ I know we all would like more hunters, but we don’t have any resources. It makes me sad that we can’t accept everyone who asks, but there you have it. Sorry ;_;
        (Not spamming or begging would help, you know. It’s incredibly annoying)

      • Im not trying to spam, I just got a wordpress about a month ago. I never knew the comments were sent to email. I just thought you girls didn’t see it. (BTW I like your crying face! ;_; !!!) Sorry if I annoy you. 😦 I just didn’t know before.

  27. Hi I’m Sophia.I’m 10 and i really want to join The Hunters Of Artemis.I think im a daughter of Athena but I’m not sure.This really would mean a lot to me,I’ve always felt out of place like i don’t belong.Its ok if you don’t have room i understand,but this would make me the happiest person ever!

  28. I,Taylor, Pledge Myslef to the Goddess Artemis, I Turn My Back on the Company of Men, Accept Enternal Maidenhood, and Join the Hunt

  29. Can I join? My Huntress’s name is Claudia.I love to role play and right before I found this website I made a Huntress game.(It went a little..crazy with…uhhh..a beeping baby who tried marrying Elmo and got swallowed by a god and could only be killed by a golden paper clip(long story)) I really like this website so please let me join.Peace!

  30. Can I join the huntresses? My huntress name is Selena. Email: ender2003@aol.com. Character’s Name: Fierce Star. I love this site so much so please let me join. Peace! 😉 😀

  31. Claudia is good at cooking and reading.She likes to eat gummy bear vitamins(10) at a time , but 15 or more make her sick. She is a 100% dog person and loves other animals too (she is terrified of bugs and insects)

  32. i have a wordpress account can i join? i already asked May Li and she said yes. i really like Artemis like she is my favorite goddess!

    • my huntress name is Izzy Greenrose and i have bright amber hair a black bow in it, i have brown hunting boots with laces, i know how to swim as fast as a river nymph

      • Cool. I`ll find a pic of you and if you join i`ll put it up here. hope you can you sound cool.

  33. So, I am a guy, does that mean you gals are going to turn me into a jackelope like my cousin in New Mexico?

  34. Hi Can I join the hunters? I would really love to my email is lea_rose@rocketmail.com

    Hunter name: Abella Grace
    Species:Demigod(daughter of Hermes)
    History:Her mom was a hunter but left when she was 20 when she met Hermes.Artemis
    was mad. One night at her house she heard a knock at the window.She woke up and saw two faces looking at her they were Summer and Eliza.They said she was destined to be a hunter because of her archery skills (her mom taught her) and that her mom was a hunter.
    Artemis told them to get her so that she could be a hunter.So that night she left and journeyed with them she got her pony,Primrose that Hermes got her for her 10th birthday but one night she gets captured by Khione.

    Looks:Abella has golden blonde hair and pretty green eyes she loves traveling as her dad is a traveler god unlike most Hermes kids she is nice and sweet and supportive and is not a thief she was sent to Camp half blood but returned each summer.

    Hope I become a hunter

    • Ask Eliza, Summer, or Diana. This is roleplay so it’s kinda like pretending, but we take It a little serious.

  35. hi i soooo want to be a huntress of Artemis im not sure if im mortal or not but id love to join the hunt!

  36. theres more to being a huntress than just saying you are.
    it takes years of training under a trusted of Artemis before you can gain the title Huntress.
    you have to know every creature the goddess has fought and every creature you might encounter.
    you never want to be caught off guard.
    if you need me you can find me at hecateswarrior@gmail.com

    Erzsébet Margretta Nádasdy

  37. Hi, I’m Sage I’m twelve years old a daughter of Apollo I think and I’d like to join the hunt. I pledge myself to the goddess Artemis. Turn my back on the company of men, accept eternal maidenhood and join the hunt.

    • Hey it’s funny that you wanna join the hunt, because Artemis is Apollo’s sister, so she’s kinda your aunt. 😀

  38. Hey I really want to be a hunter. My name is amber i am almost 12. I am a Mortal. I have green eyes (I wish I had grey eyes) white skin. Freckles.short brown hair. I hate boys bcuz the last crush (10 years old) He turned out to be a demon. I pledge myself to the goddess Artemis. Turn my back on the company of men, accept eternal maidenhood and join the hunt.

  39. Hey…I’m Rhea,12 years old..13 in December.I think I’m a mortal because I haven’t had any encounters with monsters yet though I’ve seen 2 of them. I want to join the Hunters of Artemis. I pledge myself to the Goddess Artemis. I turn my back on the company of men,accept eternal maidenhood,and join the Hunt.

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