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Name: Summerlynne Rose Rays

Born: June 28, 1998

Current Age: 12 (when joined the Hunters) 13 (true age)

Hunter of Artemis since January 2011

Hair color: Black, In moonlight: Dark Blue, In the Sun: Different shades of brown

Eye color: Blue in normal lighting, Black in the dark, Gold in the Sun

Skin color: Wight-ish, In moonlight; whitish glow, In the Sun: Caramel

Born to: two mortals

Disabilities: ADHD, Dyslexia


Taking a shower in moonlight, taken January 2011

Walking in park, March 2011

Walking in park, March 2011

Thinking about crown and knife, April 2011

Looking for Hunting knife, March 2011

Going to class early to hide tarantula in teacher’s chair, April Fool’s Day 2010

Summer holding Hunting knives, and practicing agility, May 2011

In the Meadow of the Sun, June 2011

Gathering aura and energy, June 2011

At the Meadow of the Pink Aphrodites at Camp Half Blood, June 2011

Summer modeling at the Go Green Exhibition in Las Vegas. August 2011

Summer at Camp Half Blood when Starlight was found, August 2011

A walk during sunset, August 2011

Summer moving in to Pocatello, Idaho, and seeing the house for the first time. August 2009

Summer resting in the Meadow of the Moonlit Skies. August 2011

Summer on her first day of school, as Juno Miller, dressed like her “twin sister”, Jessica Miller (Eliza) (not pictured). September 2011

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  1. Hey, Isabelle, is it ok if I do something like this too? I hope you don’t mind.

  2. o_o Wow. What an interesting welcome to the Hunters. Artemis is right, that some things don’t go well together, like…. chocolate and… broccoli.

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