How I met my cousins

Shadow here! Sorry I haven’t posted I’ve been busy so I thought I could post about how I met my cousins Amy and Dan.
“hi mom.” I say laying down a rose on her grave. “I’m finally close enough so I can visit you more.” I hear voices and I hide behind a tree. “one more! Please!” I hear a boy yell. “alright one more.” comes the reply from what looks to be his sister. I see the boy run up then stop at moms grave. I hear the boy ex lame,”check this out!”. “what is it Dan?” his sister asks walking up behind him. “this person has the same name as you Amy.” he replies. studing the grave she remarks, “yeah, she does.” I start to back up slowly but I step on a twig. Snap! The noise was louder then I thought it would be. Turning around Amy asks, “what was that?” before I could here Dan reply I ran into the woods. “I saw a girl” Dan says, “come on!” I keep running till I find a little stream and I sit down. “are you okay?” I hear Amy say (to this day Dan says I screamed I didn’t…well maybe just a little). “no ” I reply, “I’m fine.” Amy holds her hand out and helps me up. “I’m Amy Cahill.” Dan runs over breathless. “Man your fast!” he says panting. “And that,” Remarks Amy roling her eyes “is my little brother Dan.” “Shadow” I reply. “Shadow Cahill” (I hadn’t changed my last name at the time).