For When Some Of Us Went To A School

We found Demi-gods. Three of them. Alyssa, the daughter of Hecate. Delilah, daughter of Aphrodite. And Riley, daughter of Bia (minor goddess of Force).  Oh, I um, am changing my name to Leslie, because Claudia has a horrid meaning to the name. I searched our name meanings. Here is the list: Alexara, I couldn’t find the meaning, but the theme is quirky. Anja means Grace. Cat: Pure. Ceridwen: beautiful as a poem.Diana: divine. Eliza means Pledged to God. Lilly means, well, Lily. Leslie: Garden by the pool. Shadow is Shade or Shadow. And Summer is Summer.


Just letting you know…

It seems like a lot of girls have been asking to be part of the huntresses of Artemis. And they’re getting worried that they’re just speaking to a wall. I’m letting you know, that is not true. I am recieving your emails from Summer and, although I can’t say yes to every one, I wish to say yes to a few. I want to keep this blog alive, but an alter ego named Eliza Williams hasn’t come out in a long time. And it’s been over a year since I became the lieutenant. I feel so bad for neglecting this a lot. Summer hasn’t posted here since March, and I hadn’t posted since May, with huge gaps before, promising that I will return. I know I said this a million times before, but this is where the Huntresses Group 2 will reemerge from the shadows and seek new challenges and events. To those who tried to keep the spirit of the Huntresses alive by posting here in this dying blog, I thank you. I’ll approve some of your requests from emails and more.


Dream Selfy Us!!

So i saw on deviantart that some people had dream selfy dolls in thier gallerys, and i thought that would be cool if i could make all the hunters! so i did and here we are!!











May Li:

Well that`s all of us!!

Peace out!! 😉 ~May Li

Well, here they are!!

ok so a while ago I told GF that I would draw Poison Daughter of Hades and Aqua daughter of Poseidon. Even though there not hunters, I felt like I NEEDED to draw them so here the are!!

 so yeah. that`s all.

Peace out!! 😉

May’s adventures part 6

(This is just a little bit before Anja woke up to see her mom next to her)

We walked in finding Anja asleep. When I sat in a chair next to her, she woke up and smiled at me. It`s like I spread love everywhere go. “Hey Anja. How ya feeling?” I asked. “Kinda better. It still stings a little though. Don`t touch it, the nurse said it would cause extreme pain to me, just to let you know.” She said with a little bit of a sad face. The nurse came in and said she had to stay over-night for at least two days for it to heal enough for her to walk on it. “Well I`m sure not abandoning her!! I`ll stay here with her!”  I said. “Is that ok with you? Can she stay?” Mrs. Julihins asked the nurse. “Of course.” she replied. “Ok girls, be safe. I have to go back to work now. May, I trust you to help take care of her” “Sure thing Mrs. J.” And then she left. Anja and I were left alone in the room. “So what are we going to do when I get back to school from here?” “Well, first we need to get notes for excused absences that way we don`t get in trouble. Then we need to teach other May a lesson. Well, I do at least, since you can`t-” “Walk very well without crutches?” “Yeah….that.”

To Be Continued……