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I'm 18. I can't drive worth a crap, and love to play music. I like theater, fashion, and playing computer games. I'd like to make something of myself when I get older, but for now; I'll be listening to trashy pop songs more than I'd like to admit.

A Few Things to Clear Up [OOC]

First things first I’m the realest: Just to clear a little something up: We are not actual huntresses, and none of us follow the Greek goddess Artemis. Please don’t take the ‘vow of eternal maidenhood’, or anything else we say in character seriously. This is a roleplay blog that’s just here for you to have fun, and allows you to communicate with fellow Percy Jackson fans.

Second: Every time I log on(Which, granted; is not very often.), I have to sift through countless comments of “Can I join?”.

Please don’t send multiple comments. Rest assured, we received your first one. While I appreciate your enthusiasm, this blog is no longer as active as it was when we started. We’re all busy, and can’t run an active roleplay blog while trying to deal with school and hobbies.

Third: While we love that new people are taking interest in our little community, we can no longer accept requests. We’re too busy for active moderation. I hope you understand and hopefully, we’ll be able to accept new members into our group sometime in the near future.

Thank you for your cooperation. We really appreciate it. 


Cat’s Updated Profile

((I apologize for not posting for a while, I’ve been pretty busy with High School and all its stupid wonders. I decided to update Cat’s profile, because it was getting pretty old.))

Name: Catherine “Cat” Bloomstone

Age: Eternally 16. 

Birthday: June 12

Jewelry: Earrings (Small posts, or little bitty hoops.)

Hair: Blue-Black, In chunky layers, going past the shoulders. 

Eyes: Gray

Skin: Slightly dark, Uneven tan.

Make-up: Not much, Strawberry Chap-Stick. 

Rank: Full Hunter of Artemis

Favorite color: Purple

Parentage: Athena, doesn’t remember her dad, as she was dumped on her Aunt and Uncle at a young age. 

What is She?: Demigod, and half-sister of Eliza. 

Personality: Cat doesn’t care much about girly things. (Never really learned how to apply makeup, thought dresses were uncomfortable, etc.) Volunteered at her school’s library, (It got her out of Study Hall.) and listens to dirty Rap songs because they make her feel rebellious. She also likes to run track, swim, and still used to climbs trees. She gets frustrated quite easily, especially if things don’t go her way the first time, and can be pushy and/or aggressive when provoked. 

((Looks a lot better, don’t you think? I’ll be back soon, Okay?))

Life Before the Huntresses: Cat

A back row attack is a volleyball term. It’s called when you’re in the back row and you jump over the 10 foot line during a spike. I know I’m not a pro author, but I hope you enjoy this anyway. ~FoxFace

Cat’s Story, Back Row Attack: Chapter 1

I was on a beach. It was filled with white sand, and I could hear the waves crash against the shore. I stuck my foot into the water and-

“Cat? Cat… Catherine!” A voice called, interrupting my dream.

“Wha- Oh…” I said, waking up. There was drool on my desk. Gross.

I’d realized I must’ve fallen asleep during English class. I had no idea what we were learning about, but had a feeling it was poetry.

“Name a Greek Goddess,” The teacher instructed.

We weren’t learning about poetry at all, it was Greek Mythology.
Finally, something I was good at.

“Uh, Artemis,” I mumble, still half asleep, “The moon goddess lady.”

“That’s right,” Said the teacher, “And you actually participated in my class.”

‘Yeah, Don’t get used to it.’ I thought.

“Okay Cat.” The teacher said, “Tell me what else Artemis does.”

“She hates guys for some reason…” I said, “And she protects girls.”


“She hunts?”

“Wow. I’m surprised you know so much about Artemis. Anything else you’d like to add?”

“The book says she has Auburn hair… Is that like Rihanna red or a-”

“Class Dismissed.” The teacher said, interrupting me.

“Catherine!” My aunt exclaimed, “How was your day at school?”

No one calls me Catherine unless I’m in serious trouble. My aunt is the exception.

“Hi Cat.” My uncle said, “I put you a snack in the kitchen. I’ll be free to help you with your homework in a minute.”

“I can help Catherine with her homework.” My aunt offered, “She needs help finding her muse for poetry.”

“I’m done with poetry.” I say, walking into the kitchen.

“Oh no,” My uncle muttered, “What’s next, a whole unit on Shakespeare?”

“Nope,” I said, my mouth full of cookie, “Greek Mythology.”

His face brightened. “I teach Mythology at the University!”

My uncle loves his job. Almost every day, he comes home with a new story about the University or a Myth to tell me. I’ve been there several times, and have sat through several of his classes.

I walked up the stairs and went to my room. I was going to avoid my homework as long as possible.

Did you like it? Think it was super awful? Tell me in the comments.

Cat Profile Updated [OOC Post]

I know this is the second time I’ve done this, but I think she’s too much like me, and I should change that before she goes all Mary Sue (An overly perfect character without any flaws whatsoever) on me.

Name: Cat [Catherine] Bloomstone(Credit to whoever put me on the About Page.)

Age: 13

Birthday: June 12

Jewelry: Earrings

Hair: Blue-Black, Layered, A little bit past shoulder length

Eyes: Gray

Skin: Slightly dark, Uneven tan.

Make-up: Lipgloss on special occasions

Rank: Full Hunter of Artemis

Favorite color: Purple

Partenage: Athena, still doesn’t know her dad. Lived with her Aunt and Uncle before Hunters

What is She?: Demigod. And Eliza’s Half Sister.

Personality: Cat Hates girly things(Lace, Pink, Makeup,etc.), Loved to volunteer at her school’s library, and her favorite singer is Fefe Dobson. Cat also likes to run track, swim, or climb a tree to read a book. She gets frustrated at herself quite easily, especially if things don’t work out the first time, and can be pushy/aggressive when annoyed.

These links are pictures of Cat:

To Avoid Spoilers….

(OOC Post)

Have we all finished The Son of Neptune or at least have the book in their possession?

If you haven’t finished it/still don’t have it, it’s okay.

Just a little heads up to the people who haven’t:
Put a ‘More’ tab on your posts when talking about what’s happening in the book, or if it’s in a comment, put something like: ‘Spoilers ahead’ or ‘Warning: Spoilers’.

I’m super excited about discussing the book with all of you and I hope you liked/will like it.

Maybe when everyone’s finished the Huntresses can take a trip to the Roman Camp like we’ve been wanting to…


Cat’s Story: Part 3

I walked, or should I say hiked up the -very- tall hill that lead up to Camp.
Well, I’m a huntress. So, I didn’t have to go, but I promised my friends,Alex and Dani, I’d meet them here.
I also had a feeling I might get claimed. You see, I joined the huntresses without knowing my real parents. Before I joined, I lived with my aunt and uncle,who would tell me nothing about my parents. I always thought they were dead, or something and my aunt and uncle were too sad to discuss it. I even had the nerve to pick the lock on the Safe, hidden somewhere in a closet, to get my Birth Certificate, So I could at least know my parents’ names. When I picked the lock and dug through all the important stuff, I realized I didn’t have one. This confused me a lot. How did I get in school without my Birth Certificate? I’m pretty sure you had to have one to enter. When I asked my Aunt and Uncle about this, I got locked in my room, and that was the day I met Artemis and her Huntresses.
Okay, Back to trudging up the hill. I was pretty tired when I reached the top, but when I did, I immediately went to find Dani and Alex.
I found them practicing their archery skills. Alex is an Archer in the huntresses and Dani is a Huntee, And So am I.
“Hey!” I said excitedly, running up to them.
“Hey, Cat!” Dani said, putting her bow and quiver filled with golden arrows aside to greet me.
“Cat! You made it!” Alex said happily running over to me.
We then walked over to the main part of the Camp to introduce me to everyone else.
Since there had to be hundreds of campers, I stood up on a table and yelled,”Hey, I’m Catherine Bloomstone, but everyone calls me Cat.” I wasn’t gonna say I was a huntress, because I was told not to by Summer, another huntress and Lieutenant Helper.Of course I wasn’t going to shout”I’m Cat Bloomstone and I am a huntress of Artemis!” as loudly as possible at the top of a mountain or anything. Most people would think I was crazy or something.
“Well Cat, You came just in time for dinner.,”Sadie Said.”We have it by the Campfire, and that’s usually where we’re claimed! By the way, I’m Sadie, daughter of Hermes.”
***Later, At the Campfire.***
After a good dinner of Pizza and a fun sing along, I get claimed. I was smiling and laughing, because I thought the sing alongs were so much fun. Then everyone kneeled down before me, Which was confusing. Then someone says “All hail Cat Bloomstone, Daughter of Athena.” “Cat!”, Sadie exclaimed “You got claimed!”
I like that title, Cat Bloomstone, Daughter of Athena.

-Sorry if there’s any mistakes and I hope you didn’t mind That I used Sadie or Dani and Alex(I used you since you’re at camp with Cat.) and Summer-

(I made the logo from cooltext.com. I might use it as a signature. If you want one I could make you one or you can make your own If you want. )
Edit: Okay, I know Dani Left and stuff, but I wrote this before she did. And she was at Camp with Cat.
And for some reason, I accedently timed this post instead of making it a draft, and Had no Idea how to change it.

Cat: Revised.

So,Since Cat got Claimed and Moved up a rank, I decided to edit her profile a bit, to fix and update some stuff. And I also updated my character on Poptropical Thunder’s blog, so I thought I might update Cat too before I forgot.
Original: https://huntressesofartemis.wordpress.com/2011/06/14/hey/#comments Yeah, It’s also the post I used to introduce myself, So Just scroll down til you see the character stuff.
Name: Cat [Catherine] Bloomstone(Credit to whoever put me on the About Page.)
Age: 13

Jewelry: Just different Kinds of earrings. Usually hoops, the ones that dangle, or the ones with feathers.

Hair: Blue-Black, Layered and feathered, About Chest Length

Eyes: Hazel Green, Depends on whatever I wear to how green my eyes get.

Skin: Slightly dark, Uneven tan.

Make-up: Sometimes lipgloss or mascara.

Rank: Huntee

Favorite color: Blue/Turquiose and Purple

Partenage: Athena, still doesn’t know her dad.

What am I?:
Demigod. And Eliza’s Half Sister.

Story: (I know I could’ve coppied it all, but I didn’t wanna waste space.)