About shewolfpudding

I'm 19. I can't drive worth a crap, and love to play music. I like theater, fashion, and playing computer games. I'd like to make something of myself when I get older, but for now; I'll be listening to trashy pop songs more than I'd like to admit.

A Few Things to Clear Up [OOC]

First things first I’m the realest: Just to clear a little something up: We are not actual huntresses, and none of us follow the Greek goddess Artemis. Please don’t take the ‘vow of eternal maidenhood’, or anything else we say in character seriously. This is a roleplay blog that’s just here for you to have fun, and allows you to communicate with fellow Percy Jackson fans.

Second: Every time I log on(Which, granted; is not very often.), I have to sift through countless comments of “Can I join?”.

Please don’t send multiple comments. Rest assured, we received your first one. While I appreciate your enthusiasm, this blog is no longer as active as it was when we started. We’re all busy, and can’t run an active roleplay blog while trying to deal with school and hobbies.

Third: While we love that new people are taking interest in our little community, we can no longer accept requests. We’re too busy for active moderation. I hope you understand and hopefully, we’ll be able to accept new members into our group sometime in the near future.

Thank you for your cooperation. We really appreciate it.