Cat’s Updated Profile

((I apologize for not posting for a while, I’ve been pretty busy with High School and all its stupid wonders. I decided to update Cat’s profile, because it was getting pretty old.))

Name: Catherine “Cat” Bloomstone

Age: Eternally 16. 

Birthday: June 12

Jewelry: Earrings (Small posts, or little bitty hoops.)

Hair: Blue-Black, In chunky layers, going past the shoulders. 

Eyes: Gray

Skin: Slightly dark, Uneven tan.

Make-up: Not much, Strawberry Chap-Stick. 

Rank: Full Hunter of Artemis

Favorite color: Purple

Parentage: Athena, doesn’t remember her dad, as she was dumped on her Aunt and Uncle at a young age. 

What is She?: Demigod, and half-sister of Eliza. 

Personality: Cat doesn’t care much about girly things. (Never really learned how to apply makeup, thought dresses were uncomfortable, etc.) Volunteered at her school’s library, (It got her out of Study Hall.) and listens to dirty Rap songs because they make her feel rebellious. She also likes to run track, swim, and still used to climbs trees. She gets frustrated quite easily, especially if things don’t go her way the first time, and can be pushy and/or aggressive when provoked. 

((Looks a lot better, don’t you think? I’ll be back soon, Okay?))

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