I’m back

I am the lieutenant. I can’t just stay quiet forever. She had been in the writer’s shadow, entrapped by a series that was reaching the climax, she had been too caught up in that series.

Now, Eliza Marie Williams is back.

To the Huntresses who kept on posting here while I was focusing my attention elsewhere, thank you so very much. I’m proud of all of you.  

I cannot believe it, but soon, it will be one year since I have become the lieutenant. Despite my time away, I am proud to see how much all of you shared your stories and your quests. Thank you.

Although I was away, you guys kept the world of the Huntresses of Artemis, Group Two spinning. Thank you, again.

Now… let me speak as Eliza.

I apologize for my absence from this blog. You see, I ended up busy and I had to go away for some time. It took longer than I thought, and I thank you for keeping order within the Huntresses. Let’s bring this blog back to the way it used to be: a coureagous experience for all of you!

After all, we’re huntresses.

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