May`s Adventure`s part 4

I sighed, looked up at the large door, and walked into my new school. It seemed so….different. As I walked to the counsler`s office, everyone was staring at me. I knew that was normal when a new kid comes into town in the middle of their 7th grade school year, but it felt like they were watching me like a hawk for something special. I opened the door and looked around for Ms. Ames. she was sitting in her office filing papers. I went in and said “Hello Ms. Ames. I`m May Li, The new student. Please call me May.” She looked up and she said with a nervous smile “Welcome May! I hope you have a great 1st day! Now let`s see If we can find an open spot in your 1st class. Aha!! Go sit in the 3rd seat in the 2nd row. But in her eyes I could tell she meant ‘Yeah, Yeah. Just get to class and don`t bother me again please.’ So I said “Thank you. And rushed to room…..500: Language Arts. Which I don’t know why they don`t call it just English. The world is weird. I found the  seat I was assigned on the computer. It was behind a girl named Anja. She had short light brown hair and teeny teeny tiny bumps on her head that apparently only I could see. I think they looked like the tops of ears. Cat ears. That`s when I noticed another girl who had the same hair as I did when I was darkness. She was bothering Anja. After a while she looked my way in anger. “Whatchya starin` at?!” she said in a harsh tone. I just looked down in fear and muttered “N- nothing. S- sorry for bothering you.” “Don`t be afraid!! stand up for yourself!!” Anja said. I looked up at her in astonishment. “Hey! This is an A-B conversation, so C yourself out!!” The other May snapped. “Girls!! Stop interrupting class!!” Ms.Iken said sternly. “Sorry” we all said at the same time. Though I could tell May #2`s apology was not meaningful. The other May shot me a quick nasty look then went back to writing. For once in my life, I was scared of this girl. I got out my Journal, which is supposed to be called a Diary but I refuse to be girly like that, and saw that Anja had one too. I wrote: Okay. I can tell this is gonna be a  bad year already. Like my new friend Anja, I found the official mean girl of the school. Oh boy i`m in for it now. Whoop-de-freakin`-doo. 😦

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About Maria Corbin

Hi there! I assume you want to find out more about me since your reading this. Anyways, I am a Hunter of Artemis as May Li and a freaky awesome demi-god! Most of the time i`m known as Nice Ghost, a poptropican who is goth and dark half of the time and tries to dress anime the other half...though that`s very hard! I dont have many friends from any blogs exept Brave Tomato, kind of, not much. I am a really wierd person! Don`t be a hater towards the wierd people! A world without wierd people is like vanilla ice cream with out sprinkles! It`s just a sweet blob that`s all boring and melting all over your hands and getting your hands all sticky and when you shake other people`s hands then thier hands are gonna be all sticky and soon everyone`s hands are are gonna be all sticky from the hand shaking! (panting) I can draw pretty good anime. I just have trouble with the shading. Sadly. I love Hetalia!! Ve~ if you dont know what hetalia is look it up dammit! Well I think thats all for now. byyyye!!!!!