In Too Deep- Sneak Peak

From A Summer Story: In Too Deep

A roughy hand caught her on her shoulder. But it wasn’t a hand. Summer barely caught herself in time. She almost screamed. And Summer prided in never screaming, or crying. It made her feel brave. But right now, she wanted to crawl into her sleeping bag, with her cotton candy bunny, and turn on her sleeping bag. Summer remembered Eliza comforting her about the dark, Alexara making a rainbow out of water, Ceridwen giving her a moon shaped nightlight. But all that didn’t count right now.
Summer barely noticed she was pushed into a wall, which she went right through.
“You shouldn’t have, Summerlynne.”
When Summer tried to get out the same way she’d come in, it don’t work.
“I didn’t mean to! You have to believe me,” Summer begged, pounding on the solid brick door, staining her glowing, silvery skin into a dusted, charcoal wreck. “Please, I may have done bad things in the past, but I wasn’t stealing it for my personal benefit! Seriously! If I had, well, then, I would have taken it already! But I had it when you caught me!”
A skeleton clasped her bloody wrists, while another lifted her slender body, and shoved her, hard, into what appeared to be a small bathtub. It was filled with freezing water, and Summer automatically winced away from it.
“What are you doing?” Summer whispered, a tear sliding down her cheek. Now she’d never be able to tell Diana it had been her who had broken her iPod. Or tell Eliza she had taken her spare arrows. Or tell Shadow she’d been the one who had dumped her shield in the ambrosia.
It wasn’t only that, but it was so dark in there! The darkness seemed to be pressing against her from every side. She longed to be outside, feeling the warm sun on her arms.
Curiously, Summer stared at the golden wand, which one of the skeletons was plugging into a glowing white socket on the wall. A white socket? The Underworld didn’t need sockets… Not unless they wanted to use electricity… Electricity from Zeus’s master bolt itself.
Summer wasn’t prepared when the wand touched the water, and her high pitched scream caused a small tremor in the eternally black floor.


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