Life Before the Huntresses: Cat

A back row attack is a volleyball term. It’s called when you’re in the back row and you jump over the 10 foot line during a spike. I know I’m not a pro author, but I hope you enjoy this anyway. ~FoxFace

Cat’s Story, Back Row Attack: Chapter 1

I was on a beach. It was filled with white sand, and I could hear the waves crash against the shore. I stuck my foot into the water and-

“Cat? Cat… Catherine!” A voice called, interrupting my dream.

“Wha- Oh…” I said, waking up. There was drool on my desk. Gross.

I’d realized I must’ve fallen asleep during English class. I had no idea what we were learning about, but had a feeling it was poetry.

“Name a Greek Goddess,” The teacher instructed.

We weren’t learning about poetry at all, it was Greek Mythology.
Finally, something I was good at.

“Uh, Artemis,” I mumble, still half asleep, “The moon goddess lady.”

“That’s right,” Said the teacher, “And you actually participated in my class.”

‘Yeah, Don’t get used to it.’ I thought.

“Okay Cat.” The teacher said, “Tell me what else Artemis does.”

“She hates guys for some reason…” I said, “And she protects girls.”


“She hunts?”

“Wow. I’m surprised you know so much about Artemis. Anything else you’d like to add?”

“The book says she has Auburn hair… Is that like Rihanna red or a-”

“Class Dismissed.” The teacher said, interrupting me.

“Catherine!” My aunt exclaimed, “How was your day at school?”

No one calls me Catherine unless I’m in serious trouble. My aunt is the exception.

“Hi Cat.” My uncle said, “I put you a snack in the kitchen. I’ll be free to help you with your homework in a minute.”

“I can help Catherine with her homework.” My aunt offered, “She needs help finding her muse for poetry.”

“I’m done with poetry.” I say, walking into the kitchen.

“Oh no,” My uncle muttered, “What’s next, a whole unit on Shakespeare?”

“Nope,” I said, my mouth full of cookie, “Greek Mythology.”

His face brightened. “I teach Mythology at the University!”

My uncle loves his job. Almost every day, he comes home with a new story about the University or a Myth to tell me. I’ve been there several times, and have sat through several of his classes.

I walked up the stairs and went to my room. I was going to avoid my homework as long as possible.

Did you like it? Think it was super awful? Tell me in the comments.

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