May’s Adventures: Part 1

May was sitting on her bed reading. she loved reading. it took her a- Wait… why is this in third person view?!? whatever. anyways start again!!

so I was sitting in my bed reading. it`s always my favorite thing to do. its like you travel to a different world when you read!! its awesome. anyways,  I was staying up late because of two things. 1) I wanted to break my brother`s recored. he stayed up until midnight. 2) I was waiting for my friend to call me on my iPhone for us to go to a party. I know I know we were only 13, but we were tall so we looked like 15 year olds!!! old enough for the parties in my neighborhood!! so we almost always snuck out. we were sort of the trouble makers in the neighborhood. we weren`t a gang, but we were a group together. Ashley, Skyler, Kristen, and I were The Pretty Punks. we were the most known around the block. not for anything bad, but because we were the only group there. Ashley finally called at 11:30 pm. I picked up my phone and greeted her with a “what`s up girl!?” she replied “you ready?”

“Wait I just need one thing”

“Ok i`ll be outside.”

“What your already here?!?!”

“I told you I would call when I was near.”

“Yeah. near not here!

“Oh well. Just get what you need and let`s go.”

“Fine. I`m coming out.”


I hung up and put on my bat necklace and earrings. They looked good with my blood-red top that started at the shoulders and went down to my waist. My necklace was my good luck charm. I`m always superstitious. I always have believed in luck. Not just some coincidences. I put on my jacket and headed out the door. I met Ashley on the doorstep and hugged her. She was dressed in a purple one shoulder top with some black skinny jeans and knee-high converse. She too, had a jacket like me. We walked to the car where Skyler and Kristen were leaning on the doors. They were waiting for us to get in. Belive it or not, they were twins. Kristen dyed her hair blonde and changed her clothes according to her mood. She was wearing a grey fedora, fake nerd glasses, a short sleeve black button down shirt, a pink tie, blue skinny jeans, and new high tops she got for her birthday. Skyler didn’t like doing anything unnatural with her hair. She didn’t dye anything. She loves her natural brown hair. Skyler and Kristen were nothing alike. The only thing they had in common were friends and family. Skyler was dressed in a pink tank, a jacket over that, blue skinny jeans, a mini skirt over that, and 2″ purple wedges. We got in the car and drove off.

The Pretty Punks back row left to right: Kristen and May. front row left to right: Skyler and Ashley


Leader:May Li

that`s me

Co-leader: Ashley Mitchell

this is Ashley

Representative: Kristen Miller

here`s Kristen

Organizer:Skyler Miller

last, Skyler

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