Iv`e been claimed!!! :)

So I was sitting in the middle of the campfire at camp half-blood reading my favorite book when all of a sudden the other hunters started talking about how they remember being claimed by their god and goddess parents.

I felt a little sad. I still was the only demi-god who wasn`t claimed. I kept reading. Eliza said ” Hey, May ,bookworm?!” I looked up and gave her the death squint. I hated being called that. She just waved it away. Then shadow asked me “So we all know everyone here is a demi-god, right? Well, except Summer, Diana, Claudia, and Anja.” Everyone replied with a “Yeah.” then she looked at me and kept going. ” So we all know everyone`s parents except May`s. So I think now is the time!”

I felt a little nervous. See I didn`t really tell them that I wasn`t claimed yet but I held it in. Summer finished the silence with the question. ” So May, who is your mom? Your goddess parent.”

I bit my lip and took a breath. “Well about that. I..I really don’t know. She left for business when I was young. I haven`t seen her since.” The rest of them stared at me.

Then as if on que, daisies started to fall all around me. only me. they made pretty pictures on the grass. like a butterfly. I was stunned! after that roses fell in my hair making a crown. Everyone was shocked.

Now I was completely lost! I didn`t know what was so special. Eliza came over and told me “This is the sign of claiming for Aphrodite. May you’re the second child of Aphrodite to join the hunters!!” I was speechless. I was the second daughter of Aphrodite to join the hunters! I was also Lily Stag`s half-sister! I couldn`t belive my luck!!! I always wanted to be Aprodite`s daughter!! And now I was!!!

I am the second daughter of Aphrodite. Goddess of beauty and love. I thought to myself. Well, that really tells me why my hair turns blonde in the moonlight. and why all the guys wanted to go out with me in my old school. Hehe.

I was really happy now!! I loved the sign of my claiming!!! Flowers everywhere!! My favorite plant was flowers so that was good. Now back to happily chatting and laughing with my friends!!

peace out!!! ;)

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Hi there! I assume you want to find out more about me since your reading this. Anyways, I am a Hunter of Artemis as May Li and a freaky awesome demi-god! Most of the time i`m known as Nice Ghost, a poptropican who is goth and dark half of the time and tries to dress anime the other half...though that`s very hard! I dont have many friends from any blogs exept Brave Tomato, kind of, not much. I am a really wierd person! Don`t be a hater towards the wierd people! A world without wierd people is like vanilla ice cream with out sprinkles! It`s just a sweet blob that`s all boring and melting all over your hands and getting your hands all sticky and when you shake other people`s hands then thier hands are gonna be all sticky and soon everyone`s hands are are gonna be all sticky from the hand shaking! (panting) I can draw pretty good anime. I just have trouble with the shading. Sadly. I love Hetalia!! Ve~ if you dont know what hetalia is look it up dammit! Well I think thats all for now. byyyye!!!!!

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    • ya i know ill see if i can change it to be correct about all the hunter`s forms. (nymph, mortal, demi-god, ect.)

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