Diana’s Adventures: Part Five

The librarian stared at me with open astonishment. I cleared my throat and she turned a bright red and looked down to adjust her lavender cardigan.

“How… how can I help you?”, she asked, still looking down.

“Um… ancient Greek. I mean, Greek mythology but written in English. I can’t read ancient Greek. Or modern Greek. Uh. Where is the mythology section” I could feel my face turning a bright red as I rambled on trying to make sense. This happened way to often for me. I get really shy and self-conscious when talking to people I don’t know.

She looked at me curiously, no longer embarrassed. There was a pause, then she raised her head and walked briskly down one of the rows.

“This is it. Do you want to find a particular book or do you wan to just look through?” she asked, patting a bookshelf right against the wall.

“I’m… looking for lots of books, so I’ll just find them myself” I muttered.

As the librarian walked away, I turned and looked through the books. Most of the books seemed ancient enough to be as old as the Greek city-states themselves.

Well, actually, nowhere near as old, because the printing press was invented during the Renaissance.

I sighed, tried to quell the logical voice that spoke up when I said/heard something incorrect.

I opened a book entitled Monsters in Greek Mythology.

The book was seriously huge. I sighed again. This was going to take a long time.

Sorry it’s so short ;_; I haven’t written for a long time and wanted to get it out soon! BTW please post guys~


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