Summer’s Adventures, Part Five

The nurse arrived in about five minutes, holding a wheelchair. Summer glared at her, and at the teacher. And at everyone that was staring at her. She was totally fine. Nobody needed to do anything except tell her her mile time. Quickly, Summer asked “Well?” and glared more fiercly at her teacher.

But her teacher didn’t respond. She just kept on staring at Summer.

“Fine!” Summer snapped, and quickly turned the other way. “Can we at least go inside now? It’s, like, really hot.”

And it was. With every passing second, Summer got angrier, and the sun grew hotter.

Finally, as if by magic, Mrs. Smith got the hint and finally told the class to line up. Summer skipped to the line and all the other kids resumed with the usual chatter.

But the nurse and Mrs. Smith were still talking. Then, the teacher came back, and told Summer to go with the nurse.

“Why?” Summer protested, annoyed. “I told you in fine. Sheesh. People these days. So icky.”

“Summer, I’m not asking you to go to the nurse. I’m telling you to go. Now go.”

Grumbling, Summer got up and followed the nurse.

Five minutes later, Summer’s head was all patched up, and she had new, bloodless socks. She was sitting on the bed at the nurse’s office while the nurse talked to her.

“Summer… You’re different from the other kids. I just don’t think you should be here. Maybe if you were at a different school, a special school…”

“You’re kicking me out?” Summer was speechless. Sure, she wasn’t the perfect little straight A student. Heck, the only classes she had an A in we’re PE and Music. But she didn’t have F’s, either.

“We’ve contacted your mother. Since its the end of the school year, you won’t have to go until August. So just, stay home for now, okay?”

Summer glared at her, and tapped her foot impatiently. In less than five minutes, her mom had arrived.

“Oh my Summerlilly, are you okay? Did you get hurt? Should I call the lawyers? It’s okay, mommy is here, I won’t let you get hurt anymore!”

“Squishing me!” Summer snapped, pushing her mom away. She stalked out the door, and her mom followed.

“It’s okay Summer, I found the perfect school! Trust me, you’ll love Edgewood Helping School! Are you excited for sixth grade?”

Summer didn’t answer her. She just walked past the rows of stores, looking in. Then, there was a new store. Summer stopped, surprised. It was as if she had blinked, and it had just… appeared. And it was the most amazing store ever.

Sighing as Summer ran in, her mom followed her. “Greekology! Greekology! Greekology!” Summer muttered to herself, quickly reaching over to get Titan’s Curse, the latest book in the awesomest series ever. Also, she got a silver toy bow, and Artemis: The maiden’s story.

“That’s enough! Lets go!”

Her mom quickly payed and left the store.

Summer followed, jumping in glee.


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