Diana’s Adventures: Part Four

Okay, so despite being the last person to post a part of my story, I decided to continue my Adventure, because it’s been sitting here for about a month or something. Hope you like it! I’m going to start the next part too, because I feel like writing right now! 😀 Anyway, her ya go-

Calm down, I told myself, You’re just imagining this. Snakes don’t have two heads. It’s a hallucination. If you don’t approach it, it will not bother you.

I peeped at the snake from behind a tree. It was a dull green-grey. There was a head at each end. And its eyes….

“Woah” I said turning my head away.

Weird snakes had unlucky eyes. Medusa, Basilisks… I didn’t believe in them, but I’d just seen a snake with two heads. I’d caught a glimpse of the eyes, and they had rattled me like nothing had before. They were bright and glowed with the same intensity as the sun.

I looked back. The glowing eyes stared at me, but nothing happened, for a while. I started to feel myself drawn in by the power. It was… hypnotising me.

I  snapped my head away again. I was alone. If I was hypnotised, I was as good as dead. Or just plain dead.

I picked up a stick. It might be wrong to kill it, but I had to.

I remembered when I was little how some boys were poking a snake with a stick. I was too scared to stop them. I remembered lifting up the long, thin lifeless body and burying it in the flower bed.

I scraped off layers till the stick had a reasonably sharp point. I ran towards the snake.

“Forgive me for this, please”, I said. I cut through the snake’s body.

The snake stayed still for a moment. Then…. impossible! Each part grew another head.

Of course! I groaned in my head Haven’t you read enough fantasy to know that this kind of complication always comes up?

Okay, what do do now?

The snakes slithered towards me. I ran. It was a stupid thing to do, I admit. I’m not the best runner. The snakes were… really fast.

I turned back once. They were close, really close. I looked away, then looked in front. A tree! I nearly bonked my head into it, but the point was that I could climb it! I’m not extremely athletic, but it was my only chance.

I scrambled up the tree and sat down on the strongest branch I could see.

I shivered. It was cold, and the ground seemed really far away. I peered down. The snakes were already there.

Couldn’t snakes climb trees or something? I groaned. I always prided myself on being intelligent, but my actions never showed that trait of my mine, if it even existed.

I couldn’t see past all the branches, but I sort of knew that the snakes were at the bottom, surrounding he tree. I threw kicked off my shoes. To my surprise, they left. I peered down. My sense had been correct. The snakes were gone.

I jumped down and put on my shoes. Then I just sat down to think.

I felt shaky. I had just seen a two headed snake that kept coming to life. True, that was sort of possible, but this seemed sort of different. It didn’t seem scientific or rational, but there it was.

I walked through the forest. I knew I was going in the direction opposite to the town my foster home was in. If I walked long enough, I would reach some form of civilisation, right?

I did, actually. It was a small quiet town. Hardly anyone was outside. I passed a lady walking her dog, some second graders playing ball and two girls on bicycles. Everyone stared at me as I walked down the street. I pretended to ignore them, but I saw them out of the corner of my eye, feeling extremely self-conscious.

I saw the library. Yes! Hopefully, this would be he place where my questions would be answered.