Super Change, with some sort of story?

Name: Stickfigure
Age: No possible age?
Voice: Geeky. Just that. Cracks a lot, and she’s hard to understand when laughing.
Good stuff: She can help with anything! (Hopefully!)
Flaws: She’s too annoying.
Likes: The Legend of Zelda, Ponies, everything.
Dislikes: Creepypastas
Weapons?: (I’m not sure, I’m not experienced with this stuff) A doodle bow and sword? AND A OCARINA! LOL

The Journey to Find the Lost Pencil (BASED ON A ROBLOX GAME, edited to fit her? lol)

Once apon a time… there was a magnificent land that reached vast bounties of the world, stretched out from behind, near, far and in any direction your eyes could take you. That world was called Hyrule. Lived there, was a girl, a girl who never was anything but a doodle…a small stickfigure. The world was vast, and everything was so clear,
you had to kick some butt to at least live one day out here.
Everyone had talked about the Master Sword a bunch of times, but what about the Lost Pencil?
Had it turned into a Skull Kid?
The Pencil had never returned to seek the finest of light again, and it rest in what is now the Lost Woods… (Note: This Will Tie in with Her going out of Hyrule, and traveling into the world, which is Earth.)
(To Be Continued?)