Tired of looking at that tree header?

(ooc post)

Well, after some time, I finally changed it. I decided to make it a little quote.

The moon represents Artemis, and the stars represent, well, us.

I really need to make something soon. I just finished the Son of Neptune, and I know that some of you finished too. Put your progress in the comments, please.

Eliza out!

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16 thoughts on “Tired of looking at that tree header?

    • Oh, I just realized, kinda forgot to put this in the last comment, but I would just like to add a tiny little world ‘just’ in your banner. Where it says “So don’t dream, do”. I think maybe you can change it to “So don’t just dream, do”, because Demigods have dreams that are helpful. Dreams can make you inspired. I agree on you have to DO something to make those dreams come true.
      (please don’t take this comment as rude, I just wanted to voice my opinion a little)

      Totally random: Whats the difference between ‘hunters’ and “huntress’? Isn’t kind of the same thing…

  1. If you have a kindle you can get it ASAP even pre-order it! While reading SoN I cried, ROFLED(get it?LOL(Rainbow Store)!So funny and sad.BTW the Amazon base is in my old town.

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