Diana’s Adventures: Part Three

I didn’t stop running. I ran until my breath grew ragged and my stomach hurt. I didn’t know where I was going. I started slowing down, then tripped over a rock. Again.

“Clumsy” I muttered, looking at my knees, scraped for the second time in one day. My poor jeans were completely torn at the knees. My eyes, that had been holding back the tears, finally let go.

Sniffing, I looked around to see where I was. I was… nowhere. I mean, I was somewhere, but no one seemed to be around. I wiped my glasses and rubbed my eyes and looked around. It seemed to be some forest, only the trees weren’t very dense.

I was hungry. And so stupid. I had run away without thinking of food or clothing or hygiene.

“Smart move, Diana” I told myself, sighing. I looked through my bag and found a sandwich.

I carefully cut a rough quarter of it and ate it. I was still hungry, but I had to think of later.

I stared at the sandwich. Every part of me told me to eat it. I have low self control anyway. I ate it.  Then I realized the horrible thing I just did.

I had no food left.

Okay, not a big deal. If you’re stuck in a forest (or somehing that resembles a forest) you eat berries and fruits, right?

I wandered around, looking for something to eat. I then saw a snake slither past me. It was huge, but that was not the problem.

The snake had two heads.

Yay for cliffhangers ^^. Hope you didn’t find it too short. Brownie points for anyone who know which monster this is.


9 thoughts on “Diana’s Adventures: Part Three

  1. Polycephaly animals are creepy…
    having two heads(in real life) can make an animal have many problems. For one, they can have diffuculty breathing and the snakes depend on smell to find food, right? If a snake head smells food on the other snake head… it might eat the other snakes head. Also, a snake might want to go one way, but the other wants go to another. The two head thing can be caused by the same way we get identical twins, except the egg didn’t split all the way. Or, it could have a mutation caused by pesdicides, chemicals, or other things we humans throw around. Im trying to think of the monster that has two heads… Are you referring to Greek mythology, right??? It could be a mutated medusa snake that got free…(sorry if I sound like a nerd)

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