Eliza’s Adventures: Part 3

“Alright class, for the next few weeks, we will be talking about the Ancient Greeks,” Ms Madilinia said.
Some of the class groaned. Raymond shot up for some reason. I was left sitting there, I had already shot up from the beginning of class. It was October 2010, and a leaf flew down from the tree by the window.
“Now, as a reminder, your Geography projects are due in two weeks from today…” she said. I raised my hand. “What is it, my Eliza darling?” To tell you the truth, I had no idea why she called me “darling”.
“Can I hand mine in now?” I asked.
“Um-uh sure! Just don’t interrupt me next time,” Ms Madilinia responded.
I gave her my project and sat back down. I heard someone murmur “Geek.” and snicker a little bit. It was probably Justin Hastings. How apt of him.
The lesson went on. It was about the Minoans and Mycenaeans and how much rivalry they had.
Social Studies was the last class of the day. The bell rang and the class got out of there in a snap. Except for me and Raymond. We took our time to stack up our books and head for home.
On the bus, Raymond and I were talking about normal things and how much of a jerk Justin is. When it happened. A truck veered into the bus and crashed into the side of it. The bus tipped over and fell to the road.
However, it felt like the truck intentionally hit us.

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  1. That Justin. He seems annoying. Alexra would be willing to throw rocks at him! xDD.

    Scary bus experience. Fortuanately no one got hurt!

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