Summer’s Adventures, Part Three? Or Four? Or Two?

I’m not gonna keep track, xD

Summer didn’t notice her feet ’till P.E.

She’d gotten to her elementary school just in time for third period. Thank Cheese that they had still not gotten the news about the stupid U-Haul. Her teacher, Mrs. Smith, had been surprised, but let Summer in. For the fourth hour of the day, it was time for Summer’s favorite class=P.E.

The whole class walked in single file to the locker room. Summer had been chosen to be the Line Leader, and was skipping to the locker room. Mrs. Smith constantly reminded her to stay in line.

Then she took out her P.E. uniform, and started changing. As she rached down to take her unzip her Converse, she groaned. Her white socks were a dark brown, meaning she’d messed up on the jump. Somehow, she’d gotten herself bloody. But no one needed to know.

Subtly, she took off her socks, and stuffed them in her locker. She would burn them later. But for now, she put on clean socks, and her P.E. shoes.

Finally, the class went outside. And Summer followed. First, they would run the mile, then a game of Badminton. They all lined up for the mile, a lot of the girls complaining.

Mrs. Smith blew the whistle. Everybody had to get under fifteen minutes to pass. She took off, on a sprint, and found her place, well beyond all of the class. A couple of boys were close behind her, calling out comments like “Hey pretty, slow down for us, will you?” and “We’re gonna pound your head in, if you don’t slow down!”

Which just made Summer speed up. The first lap, she ran in one minute and twenty-three seconds. Three more laps to go for the mile. Some fifteen seconds later, those annoying boys passed their first lap. Summer kept on running. Some seconds later, she passed the slowest girls, who muttered things like “What a boy!”

The second lap went, and she still had two more to go The current time was three minutes, fort-two seconds. Her brown hair flying in the breeze, she continued running. The truth was, her feet hurt. very much. But she wanted to get a better time than yesterday.

One more lap. The boys were starting to catch up. They ran, and soon, they were ahead of her. One of them said “Watch out!” She managed to suck in a sharp breath as one of the boys threw a rock her way.

It wasn’t very big. Only about six inches wide. But it struck Summer in her face. She fell backwards, and saw blood. She felt the stinging of tears coming, but it wasn’t because of the pain-it was because of how evil those boys were.

Far away, she heard girls screaming “Are you okay?!” and Mrs. Smith yelling “Don’t touch her! I’m calling the nurse!”

But Summer had other things in mind. She shakily stood up, threw the rock down, and started sprining again. But this wasn’t her normal sprint. It was her rage sprint. The boys were half a lap close to the finish. And she was one fourth of the way.

Several agonizing seconds passed. The biys only had time to say “Hey!” as she shot passed them, and ran through the end. “What’s my time?” she demanded, as everyone stared at her, shocked.



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  1. GO POPTROPICA!!! GO WEBKINZ!!!! I’ve got like 2 webkinz and im proud to say, I’m 16!!!!

    I’m known as jywy for webkinz and sportycoyote for Poptropica!!!!


    (as you can see, i’m not that paitent…sorry) 😦

  3. And that’s why I hate boys. Except for Raymond. And my dad. And you get the idea.

  4. Boys. Always trying to show off infront of people-but then they epicly fail and everyone laughs at them.

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