Summer’s Adventures, Part Three


Making a split second decision, she launched herself onto the road, just as a U-Haul came her way.


Cursing in Latin, Summer alanalyzed things quickly. Judging by the speed of the U-Haul, she had maybe two seconds to get out of the way. She could do it, but her books wouldn’t. All or nothing, she decided, as she ducked down, and a rush of black wind ruffled on her sides.

Summer stayed down until she made sure the U-Haul was completely gone. She didn;t notice the gasps of watchers, the ambulance growing stronger with every second. She didn’t notice anything until the stupid doctors were loading her onto a gurney.

“I’m fine! I am fine, I tell you, just let me go. I’m gonna be late for school! I’m gonna sue you, watch out for my lawyer. Get that thing away from me! I’m fine! No… Don’t you put a needle in me!” However, her protests were ignored. Everyone crowded around her, whispering.

“Did you see the U-Haul…?” “Yes, I saw it!” “That little girl flew under it, how did she…?” “She’s a demon! Normal humans can’t do that!” “No, Irene, I’ve met that girl. She’s sweet!” “The driver is going to get sued!”

And Summer was still on the gurney, being strapped down. She’d tried kicking, screaming, threatening, biting… Nothing worked. One medic came to her kindly and said “Are you okay? What’s your name?”

“Am I…? Have you not been listening to me? I’m perfect! Now, let me go, or I’ll-”

“That’s the Rays girl.” It was Doctor Katie who spoke now. Her mom had been friends with her for ever, and Summer sighed. Doctor Katie was nice enough, but insisted on needles and stuff like that,

“Yes, I’m “that Rays girl” whatever, no one cares, now, if you could just let me go, perhaps I could still make it to second period, as long as you don’t… Never mind.”

The medics had loaded her onto the ambulance. And they were speading away to Sunrise Hospital.

Five minutes later, they arrived. And Marcelle Rays was waiting there.

“My baby, are you okay! I’m so upset… You could have died! And the last thing I did was scold you! Oh my baby! You’re alive!”

Summer groaned, and pushed her mom away. “I’m fine, if they could just let me go…”

They were quickly loading her onto machines, and stabbing needles into her.


No such look. Ten minutes later, they loaded her onto a hospital bed, into the intensive care unit. And to make sure she didn’t escape, they’d locked her arms and lags into matal cuffs.

Summer caught the whiff of a voice talking to her mom. “… miraculously fine! That would have killed someone, I have no idea why… Not even a broken bone! Or a single scratch, now that that’s mentioned. Still, it’d be safe to keep her for the night, just in case… Yes, yes.”

Summer had heard enough. She was not staying in this place. Once everyone was out of her room, she started working on a plan.

She was not clever, pretty, or rich. She wasn’t any awesome popular girl. But she had agility. She could dodge any ball that came her way, win National Musical Chairs, and slide under U-Hauls. Well, the last part didn’t work out, because people would see her, and be convinced that she was a demon or something of that sort.

The sunlight filtered through the room, and caught on the cuffs. Suddenly, Summer knew. It was a plain trick, something that could leave her armless and legless if it went wrong. But still, it was better than waiting. Summer brought her hands close together, and then quickly pulled them apart. They were free. And the same with her legs, and… She was free!

She grabbed her books, and looked out the window. Third floor. She could make it. Wrenching open the window, she set her feet on, bent them, and jumped.

“Now, I’ve got to get to school…”


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  1. Wait wait wait… is this saying that you knew before you encountered Artemis?

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