Summer’s Adventures, Part Two

It was the last week of school. Summer rejoiced at this as she walked down the stairs. Her mother, Marcelle Rays, was standing by the table, the cereal served, and wearing a dangerous expression. Summer walked straight past her without saying anything, and gulped down the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and brushed her teeth. The sun was barely starting to peek over the nearby mountains.

Without another word, Summer picked up her backpack, and walked to the door. From there, she unstuck her knife, and pocketed it. It was a usual routine, every day, when Summer came home from school, she threw her knife at the door. Which earned her a lecture every day, and a punishment. Before leaving, Summer heard her mom’s voice calling “And don’t throw that knife today!”

The moment Summer walked out, the sun came completely out, blasting her with warmth. She glared up at the sun, and turned her eyes away. They came to land on the broken alarm clock, and an evil satisfaction settled over her. Readjusting her backpack, she sett of towards the school.

Judging by the position of the sun, Summer knew it was 7:30 A.M. That gave her fifteen minutes to get to school. Groaning, she broke into a sprint, walking across the busy Las Vegas roads. She came to the busiest street. The light was green. Cars were rushing forward. But if she didn’t go, she wouldn’t get to school on time…

Making a split second decision, she launched herself onto the road, just as a U-Haul came her way.


One thought on “Summer’s Adventures, Part Two

  1. I imagine your door had lots of gashes where the knife stuck in.

    (Your mom probably loved fixing that when you left.)

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