Many Greetings!

Hello, fellow hunters!

Whoever let me join this blog I am quite honored. Many thanks to you!

My huntress name is Alexra and I am a water nymph.

Since I am pretty new here. Can anyone like give me an introduction to everything? I would really appreciate that.

Well, you can call Randy or Augstina I really don’t mind. I am on a few blogs most importantly WTR and my own blog.

More posts to be coming?



11 thoughts on “Many Greetings!

  1. Summer walked into her tent, and was surprised by the girl with long, red hair.
    “Hi!” she exclaimed. “You must be the new Hunter. I’m Summer Rays, and Lizzy told me about you! I guess we get to be roomates until you turn into a full Hunter!” Smiling, she took out a new sleeping bag and placed it next to her own.
    “Here we have everything you need… Ambrosia and Nectar in those shelves… And you’re a Maiden right now, so you have to wait a little to be a full Hunter. Lizzy is the lieutenant, and me and Diana are the Lieutenant Helpera. Anyway, I hope you feel great here!”
    (Welcome, TN! I’m so glad you got in! Have fun! By the way, I’m writing an adventure, and you got here just in time to be in it! @ everyone else: Im currently writing the Drakon!)

    • Alexra looked at her new living conditions with awe. “Thanks a lot Summer. I am sure I will feel great here.” she said and got settled down.
      (Well holaa Radiance! :D. Wow, perfect timig if you never included it on the chat I would never be here so thanks!)

  2. Eliza smiled and sat down next to Alexra. “I know you already know my name, but I’ll just say it again. I’m Eliza Williams, daughter of Athena, and the lieutenant, as others may have already told you. It’s nicce to have you here; we haven’t had a new face in a while. I’m glad I added you.”
    (Hey TN! I’m glad I chose you! 😀 Well, I’ll give you the run-down on everything later, but this is just a “hi comment. XD)

    • “Oh, well hello Eliza. I am Alexra. That’s cool your a lieutenant. So what does it take to move up? Well, thanks I am glad I am here.”

      (Thanks for adding me! Ok. Well, thanks for the hi comment anyways! ^^.)

      • “It doesn’t take too much,” Eliza said, “to reach the next rank, a huntee, first you must wait a 10 day waiting period. You’ve already waited 8 days. Artemis already approved your arrival and on Tuesday, you get your training arrows. The rest of the ranks takes hard work and being active to move up ranks, and eventually a huntress. More details of the ranks are on the about page.”

      • “thank you. Do you have to do certain quests to reach higher ranks.” she inquired.

  3. (Aha. Yup I am a huntress. xDD.)

    “Hey Cat. I am Alexra. Yea they did. Oh, thanks I guess? Sure it would be fun to go swimming. I love swimming!” she replied cheerfully.

  4. “Hi there! I’m Diana” Diana said, smiling, “Summer told me that someone new had come, I couldn’t wait to meet you! If you have any questions, Eliza is the best person to ask for help, but if you can’t find her, you can ask Summer or me too!”

    OOC- I’m so glad you joined! We haven’t had a new hunter in AGES!

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