Olympian Week? Lucky.

Well… Eliza here. For this post, it’s going to be just “Percy Jackson Fan Mode”, it’s nothing related to the hunters. 😐

 If you’ve been on the Heroes of Olympus site or been reading a random magazine lately, you might’ve heard of something called “Olympian Week”.

It’s some traveling thing where there are celebrations promoting the new book. Each location is centered around a certain cabin at camp. If you live near any of the following areas, you’re lucky:

South Carolina – Hades Cabin

Pennsylvania- Athena Cabin

Toronto, Canada – Ares Cabin

Massachusetts – Aphrodite Cabin

California – Hephaestus Cabin

Washington- Posideon Cabin

Texas – Zeus cabin

None in New Jersey? Seriously? And the Athena one is in Pennsylvania. PENNSYLVANIA! Sigh… just a notch to the right… 😦

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here is what I’m talking about: http://disney.go.com/official-sites/heroes-of-olympus/olympian-week-hades

Well… yeah. Sigh. Lucky. Bye. Eliza out.

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  1. I live in New Jersey too and it is simply not fair!!! I so would have gone): Athena is my favorite goddess other than artemis of course!!

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