Diana’s Adventures: Part 1

So Summer wrote a post about her time before being a Huntress. I wasn’t going to make one till I saw the note at the bottom. Later when there are more, I guess we can make a page or something about it?

I pushed my glasses up my nose and started brushing my hair. It was mainly silent except for the soft sounds of my hair brush pulling my hair. I silently counted the strokes of the brush while I stared at myself in the mirror. My light brown eyes stared back at me, with the serious, quiet expression that was almost always on my face.

I pulled the brush through my hair one last time, then set it down and went to have a quick bath in my bathroom. I always had quick baths, because my bathroom was disgusting (I’m not going into details).

I quickly got out and put on my favourite clothes. I was proud of them because they weren’t hand-me-downs. I had bought them with the money I had earned doing odd chores all around the orphanage.

I stared at myself in the mirror and smiled. I don’t care that much about my looks, but I do still like looking nice every day. Not for anyone, just for me.

I pulled on my socks and purple converse low-tops, slung my backpack on my shoulders and went downstairs.

Breakfast was on the table already. Not many fosters were up, because that there was no school that day.

The person who took care of us, Miss. O’Brien, came in wearing an apron and carrying a jug of orange juice and a plate with a stack of pancakes on it.

“Oh, you’re up Di? Would you like some pancakes?” she said, setting down the jug and plate.

“It’s Diana, not Di” I said, scowling “And yes, I would not mind some pancakes”

“Why’re you wearing your jacket and backpack today?” George said. He was a boy who was around my age. I despised him.

“None of your business” I said fiercely. I wore my jacket becase I bought it on my own, and I ALWAYS wear my backpack. Not that I was telling him.

“Now, dear, no need to be so angry” Miss. O’Brien said.

I knew she was surprised at my behaviour, because I was usually mild and quiet. I sighed in my mind and took some pancakes from the pile and started eating.

After breakfast, I sat at the table and got out a book and started reading.

“Di, did you complete your school work?” Miss. O’Brien asked, as she picked up the plates and glasses.

I winced at my nickname and nodded.

“Do you have any tests? Have you studied for them?”

I frowned and bent over my book, to indicate that I didn’t want to be disturbed. Mrs. O’Brien, however, could not take a hint.

“Tommorow’s Monday! You ought to get ready for the tests today!”

“I studied for them, okay!” It turned out ruder than I expected and I sounded like a sulky kindergartener.

“Are you sure? Don’t you want to revise your subjects?”

I sighed and got a text book out of my bag.

I know I sounded like a very unreasonable girl throughout the story, but I couldn’t help it! I had just come to a new Foster Home and I wasn’t used to my fosterer caring so much about me!

I browsed through my text book and then went back to my stories, ignoring, or trying to ignore everyone around me. I sighed again and turned a page. I wanted to get away as soon as possible.


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