Summer’s Adventures


Summer Rays groaned, and swung her hand out to silence the alarm. Her arm missed, and knocked the water glass off. It spilled all over the ground. But Summer didn’t care about that right now. All she really wanted, was for her alarm to shut up.

But the alarm was not cooperating. Exhasperated, she finally got up, picked up the alarm, walked to the window, and thrw it outside. It died with a last “BEEEEeeee…”

Smugly, she walked back to her bed, and pulled her covers up.

30 minutes later…


Summer snappd awake, and looked at her clock. But it wasn’t there. And then she remembered why. “Fine. I’m coming, I’m coming.”

Trudging to her shower, Summer gazed at herself in the mirror.

She looked like a complete wreck. Her usually sleek black hair now looked like a bird’s nest, and her blue eyes were dull. She snappd her eyes away from her horrible reflection, and took a shower.

When she came out, she looked like a completely different person. Her dress fitted perfectly, a Guess plaid dress, blue and red complimenting her beautifully.

And now her hair could not be confused as a nest. Now it was shining, and brushed.

But the biggest difference was her eyes. Now they were bright, and glittred again. Pretty much, they were like two giant blue stones.

She put on her long, black high tops, and walked down the stairs.

To be continued…

(Sawwy, but my keyboard was kind of misbehaving. Anyway, could all the Hunters please make an Adventur page? Explaining how life was before being a Hunter?)