Eliza’s Adventures: Part 1

“Lizzy?” I could hear my dad call.

I groaned in response.


I still snuggled in my bed.


That woke me up and I fell off the bed. I may be a school girl but I’m not a morning person. “It’s Eliza, Dad, not Elizabeth!” I called back.

“Just go and eat breakfast. School is waiting,” Dad said, facepalming.

“Oh God!” I shot up, “Please don’t tell me I’m late!” (Please note that this is before the hunters. Thank you.)

“Don’t worry, you won’t be late…” Dad started. I sighed in relief. “… but you will be if you don’t hurry up!”

I got out of bed and did what I had to do. By the time I scrambled to the bus stop, the bus just arrived there.

I got up on the school bus and looked around, I was looking for someone.

“Eliza!” I heard a male voice call. I smiled and ran over to him. I sat next to Raymond and the bus continued on again.

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