The Hunter Hurricane

Was it selfish of me to give Eliza the pressure of brig lieutenant, I thought to myself, gazing around. Absentmindedly, I was hunting near Camp Half Blood. Not near enough to be inside, but near enough to hear Campers yelling and stuff. Then, a hand rested on my shoulder.
“OH MY- oh, it’s you, Katie,” I said awkwardly, looking at Katie Gardner, daughter of Demeter.
Katie smiled, and said, “Sorry I scared you. How old are you anyway?” she asked me.
“Uh, twelve,” I said, not sure what the correct answer was.
“But, hey, listen. I came here to warn you. That hurrican coming… It’s not natural. It’s manmade. No, it’s anemoi theoli made,” she told me, nervously.
I got it. I mean, CHB was being attacked by it’s own monsters. And the other Hunters of Artemis were in the West Coast. And the Empire State Building was being attacked by Earthborn. We were the only peaceful ones.
This hurricane is meant to attack us.

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