The Hunters in manga

Hi! Okay, so I was really bored, and stuff, so I was on MyWebFace, and I decided to manga all the Hunters.  Here it goes! And I’m sawwy if you don’t like it.

Eliza Williams^

Summer Rays^

Diana Winters^

Lilly Stag

Shadow Collins

Bethany Garcia

Alex Black

Cat Bloomstone


Derpy Hooves

So that’s everyone! I was gonna do Lady Artemis, but I’m not sure HOW to make her exactly…

Anyway, the outfit, is, like, a Hunter uniform thingy.

And I’m sawwy if you don’t like how you look!

And I’m sawwy Anja, I forgot your last name, and I’m too lazy to look.

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3 thoughts on “The Hunters in manga

  1. I went on MyWebFace, Alex! 😀
    Derpy Hooves, is, I guess Little Wee. Or Neon. Whatever you call her.
    Yea, they look young, but I can’t make them look older.
    I’m sorry about your hairstyle, but I really like bunnnies.

  2. Wow, I like mine! The problem with the mymangaface is that it doesnt give you that many options… But I still like mine! X)

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