Have you seen Starlight?

Hi guys. Sorry I haven’t been posting. It’s just that as lieutenant, I barely had time to post anymore.

Moving right along, I have a little problem.


Ok, here’s what happened. Starlight and I were hunting together, when she stole my lieutenant crown. AGAIN. I quickly ran after Starlight, but she got ahead of me. I was looking around for my lieutenant crown, when I finally found it lying in the open. It wasn’t hidden in the leaves. It wasn’t nudged in a bush. It was lying right there in the middle of the path.

Tiara in forest

I looked around. There was no voice, not even a hoot of where Starlight is. I started to get worried. I picked up the tiara and put it back on my head. Usually, I would be relieved for the silver glow of it to be back in its rightful place, but I wore it in worry.

Worried Eliza

I looked around, calling her name. No response. I have to find her. Starlight was a gift from my mom. I continued looking when I encountered a hellhound. I quickly grabbed my sword and attacked it willingly, fierce. I was able to disintergrate it when two more hellhounds appeared. I shot the one farther away with my arrows and stabbed the other hellhound closer to me with my knife. Now, I was really starting to get worried. I continued searching for Starlight. No luck in sight. I decided to go back to our camp for the night which leaves me to this part. If you see Starlight anywhere, let me know, please. Starlight was a gift. Thank you.

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