Some changes I made…

Hi Hunters! Well, I’m just here to tell you about some changes I made. One Hunter has left us, and one has been removed due to not being active. I’ve also made everyone that isn’t an administrator and editor, because I’m really lazy, and I sometimes don’t feel like making pages/updating stuff. I’m sure Diana and Eliza feel the same way. And, I have an… Well kind if an idea, but more of a proposal. Instead of adding two new Hunters, I think we should just stay with ten, and let everyone catch up to higher ranks, and in a month or two, we could add two new Hunters that we can all help. Comment saying what you think. And Eliza, me and Diana need to know what we can do as Lieutenant Helpers…
Excuse any errors, my iPod enjoys annoying me.

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  1. Who was the one that was deleted due to not posting?

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