Cat’s Story: Part 3

I walked, or should I say hiked up the -very- tall hill that lead up to Camp.
Well, I’m a huntress. So, I didn’t have to go, but I promised my friends,Alex and Dani, I’d meet them here.
I also had a feeling I might get claimed. You see, I joined the huntresses without knowing my real parents. Before I joined, I lived with my aunt and uncle,who would tell me nothing about my parents. I always thought they were dead, or something and my aunt and uncle were too sad to discuss it. I even had the nerve to pick the lock on the Safe, hidden somewhere in a closet, to get my Birth Certificate, So I could at least know my parents’ names. When I picked the lock and dug through all the important stuff, I realized I didn’t have one. This confused me a lot. How did I get in school without my Birth Certificate? I’m pretty sure you had to have one to enter. When I asked my Aunt and Uncle about this, I got locked in my room, and that was the day I met Artemis and her Huntresses.
Okay, Back to trudging up the hill. I was pretty tired when I reached the top, but when I did, I immediately went to find Dani and Alex.
I found them practicing their archery skills. Alex is an Archer in the huntresses and Dani is a Huntee, And So am I.
“Hey!” I said excitedly, running up to them.
“Hey, Cat!” Dani said, putting her bow and quiver filled with golden arrows aside to greet me.
“Cat! You made it!” Alex said happily running over to me.
We then walked over to the main part of the Camp to introduce me to everyone else.
Since there had to be hundreds of campers, I stood up on a table and yelled,”Hey, I’m Catherine Bloomstone, but everyone calls me Cat.” I wasn’t gonna say I was a huntress, because I was told not to by Summer, another huntress and Lieutenant Helper.Of course I wasn’t going to shout”I’m Cat Bloomstone and I am a huntress of Artemis!” as loudly as possible at the top of a mountain or anything. Most people would think I was crazy or something.
“Well Cat, You came just in time for dinner.,”Sadie Said.”We have it by the Campfire, and that’s usually where we’re claimed! By the way, I’m Sadie, daughter of Hermes.”
***Later, At the Campfire.***
After a good dinner of Pizza and a fun sing along, I get claimed. I was smiling and laughing, because I thought the sing alongs were so much fun. Then everyone kneeled down before me, Which was confusing. Then someone says “All hail Cat Bloomstone, Daughter of Athena.” “Cat!”, Sadie exclaimed “You got claimed!”
I like that title, Cat Bloomstone, Daughter of Athena.

-Sorry if there’s any mistakes and I hope you didn’t mind That I used Sadie or Dani and Alex(I used you since you’re at camp with Cat.) and Summer-

(I made the logo from I might use it as a signature. If you want one I could make you one or you can make your own If you want. )
Edit: Okay, I know Dani Left and stuff, but I wrote this before she did. And she was at Camp with Cat.
And for some reason, I accedently timed this post instead of making it a draft, and Had no Idea how to change it.

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