Cat: Revised.

So,Since Cat got Claimed and Moved up a rank, I decided to edit her profile a bit, to fix and update some stuff. And I also updated my character on Poptropical Thunder’s blog, so I thought I might update Cat too before I forgot.
Original: Yeah, It’s also the post I used to introduce myself, So Just scroll down til you see the character stuff.
Name: Cat [Catherine] Bloomstone(Credit to whoever put me on the About Page.)
Age: 13

Jewelry: Just different Kinds of earrings. Usually hoops, the ones that dangle, or the ones with feathers.

Hair: Blue-Black, Layered and feathered, About Chest Length

Eyes: Hazel Green, Depends on whatever I wear to how green my eyes get.

Skin: Slightly dark, Uneven tan.

Make-up: Sometimes lipgloss or mascara.

Rank: Huntee

Favorite color: Blue/Turquiose and Purple

Partenage: Athena, still doesn’t know her dad.

What am I?:
Demigod. And Eliza’s Half Sister.

Story: (I know I could’ve coppied it all, but I didn’t wanna waste space.)

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