Changing for the final time, and keeping it. And also, finally starting my life! :D

I’ve made such an improvement -_-‘
My new guy is named Little Wee and she’s a Harry Potter/My Little Pony FiM geek. And a book nerd 😐
….dot dot dot…

Voice: Like rainbow dash’s ❤ RAINBOW DASH IS THE BEST PONY EVAR.

Okay, so here’s Little Wee’s life.


I’m stuck on finding who I shall be claimed as. I’ve been RAGING for at least, well a month now since my head is going in loops. Pretty much, all I’ve been doing is at least remembering what I did before I joined the hunters. I have some-what stupid powers to cast spells, turning into ponies, pegasus, unicorns, you know, the folk-lorish stuff.
I hear a few soft little voices. They came closer and I heard it. Heckhounds. (It, has the word I hate >.<)
They were right by my shoulder and I, as I usually am, I point on of my fingers and use Avada Kervada and shoot the heckhound right in the head. HEADSHOT!
Then I hear the other hunters. I guess they might have just, well you know, came and found me and saw me with a few heckhounds laying down on the ground. Whoop-dee-doo!
And then I get up and tell them, “DUUUDES, I KILLED A HECKHOUND!” They all stopped and stared. o.O
Then they got up and partied! After a few minutes of partying, they told me to kill the other heckhounds that were on camp, and maybe at least see if there’s a tunnel, or at least a place where we would hide, and camp, just in case something happens….

I gave it a shot! Please tell me if this is against the rules or anything, I haven’t been active! ^^’
I’ll change it if it is… 😀 (I’m going to start drawing the hunters, see yah :))


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  1. I can’t wait to see what your drawings look like! I’ll bet they’re great.

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