Poll Time!

Yup, I finally figured out how to get a poll. And It seems like there’s been a lot of polls lately, so I hope you’re not sick of them already.

^I love the theme! ^_^
And once I figure out who I am, I’ll write a story about it.
How do you get into higher ranks?
Do you have to wait a certain amount of time like you do with Huntees?

Edit: This poll will run for about a week, or until a majority of the huntresses vote.
Another Edit: Might be able to decide with 1 more vote, since there’s a tie right now. 9 is a majority of 12, right? Cause that just leaves 3. 2 if I’m not counted.

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2 thoughts on “Poll Time!

    • Okay, Sounds easy enough.
      -By the way, I won’t vote on the poll, I’ll let the other huntresses decide.-

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