Wanted: Me

Yerple, ’tis true. If you see a sign like this, please ignore it.

I didn’t do anything! Okay, here’s what happened:

I was at New York, New York, the casino at Las Vegas. I was trying to track a monster, and I was trying to save these annoying mortals. So I saw a school trip, with a bunch of kids. I simply shot a silver arrow at an empousae, and that was it. Technically, I SAVED the mortals. “Attempted murder, and shootout”. What junk. I dunno WHAT the mortals saw through the Mist, but I’m guessing it wasn’t good. And what’s with that stupid picture? I took that when I was ten. And I was carrying a book. Since when is that illegal? Anyway, if you see that, kindly ignore it.

~Isabelle Out!

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2 thoughts on “Wanted: Me

  1. Hey, don’t worry about it. “Attempted murder?” what in the underworld did the mist make an empousa look like?

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