In case you haven’t heard….

The new Heroes of Olympus book now has a cover! Looks like Rick Riordan, Camp Half Blood’s senior scribe, had been busy documenting the 3 demigods Jason, Piper, and Leo for his new “fiction” book. Here’s the cover:

Cover Image
Pretty interesting, right? I think that’s Jason on the cover, and check out that metal eagle!
The new documented book will come out October 4, 2011, so mark your calendars to see Riordan’s interpretation of what has been going on lately with CHB! 😀
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7 thoughts on “In case you haven’t heard….

  1. Yeahh! I wanna learn about the Roman Camp!

    It would be awesome if we could join! Road Trip! 🙂

  2. What if we stole all their toliet paper then TPed their cabins with it? This is an even greater idea, huh? XP
    See ya at camp.

    • I though her name was Diana as in just like yours.
      It would be totally awesome to meet them. And maybe join forces! That would be so cool! Then we could have 12 new Roman huntresses! Then this could be the Huntresses of Artemis AND Diana meeting place! Too much? Okay,maybe a little… But it would be pretty awesome with 24 huntresses instead of just 12. And we’d get more weapons and have a better fighting force. Plus, the more the merrier, Right?

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