*Preview* Cat’s story!

*This is currently just a preview. Feel free to tell me if you liked it. Enjoy! (:< Maybe this'll help you figure out who Cat is.*
Hey! I’m Catherine, but everyone calls me Cat.
My life was pretty normal, except for the fact I've lived with my aunt and uncle for as long as I can remember, and I never knew my parents. Yup, I had friends, went to school, tried out for sports and the school play, and listened to music. Just like a normal girl my age.
Well, I've always known I was a little different. Like when the English teacher forced us to go to the school's library and get a book, I would run to the Mythology section, instead of fighting over the next Twilight book with the girl next to me. Or while all the other girls talked about how "hot" Justin Bieber *Gag* supposedly was, I talked about the newest Ke$ha song. And I actually tried in school. Well, mostly cause my aunt and uncle made me. Hey, I got mostly A's and some B's.
By the way,I totally rock at Volleyball. I always have a good plan. Aim for the weak.(Or the empty gaps.) Yeah, I had an (almost) normal life, Until I was visited by Artemis. Then, It all changed…


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  1. I’m waiting til’ I can figure out who I am before I continue, because I was gonna have Artemis tell me who I was.

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