I don’t really like drawing that much (Like in Anime, But I’m doing it for you people! Or if you just want some cartooning blob stuff like stickfigures, just ask! :))
But I’m here to announce:
*Super dance*
So that’s pretty much it.
I guess that’s all.
I guess um, yeah I’m done.
Post in the comments if you want me to draw you…

(PS: I wasn’t at the party chat thingy because I was eating icecream.
PPS: I don’t chat that often. I fail! Sorry! ^^’
PPPS: I will get to you. I promise, even if I am sick right now. ((My throat, I’m getting better! ^^)))


6 thoughts on “I’m DRAWING HUNTERS! :D

  1. That sounds awesome! Sure, You can draw me! -If I could draw, I would so make a Chibi Huntress Adventure comic. (I love Chibi drawings. They’re so cute. )-

  2. Me too! Well, if you wanna know how I look (though you can probably tell from my page) I have black hair a little past my shoulders with a fringe down to my eyebrows, I wear glasses and a hairband OR a hairclip almost always. Or I wear my hair in a ponytail. And I wear stripy shirts and jackets and jeans 😀 I like drawing too! I usually draw people from my stories, my favourite fictional characters (Annabeth, Thalia, Ginny Weasley…) but I draw myself too! Mainly in my school uniform.

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