Hey I’m Silver Coyote! [Call me SC if ya feel like it.]
Anyways, I like music, acting, and RP.
I Looovvee Mythology. XP
I’m also kinda lazy.
Well… Here’s my character person:
Name: Cat [Catherine] {Find me a last name}
Age: 13 (Forever ‘N’ Ever!)

Jewelry: Just different Kinds of earrings. Usually hoops, the ones that dangle, or the ones with feathers.

Hair: Blue-Black, Layered and feathered, About hip Length

Eyes: Hazel Green, Depends on whatever I wear to how green my eyes get.

Skin: Slightly dark, Uneven tan.

Make-up: Sometimes lipgloss or mascara.

Rank: Maiden

Favorite color: Blue/Turquiose and Purple

Partenage: Unknown

What am I?
I dunno. I didn’t know my parents…
So, Ima Cat. (No, Not like the furry animal.)

[I’ll think of one later. *Lazy Mood*]


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  1. you could be a daughter of Poseidon ( lucky cat ) at least you could have a godly parent..

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