Icecream’s Story (part 2)

Okay, after the video games, I’m back to tell you my origin of awesomeness. I guess. 😀

I’m pretty much a bunch of rainbows and with half zombie DNA and Icecream DNA.

I’m sorry if I eat your brains. ^^”

And there’s no possible way to find out how I was made but I seriously know how. (It’s just that those stupid sciencetists are always saying NOOOO to my answers. -_-)

So here, let me tell you.

My mom was rain and my Dad was sunshine. It both rained and shined and then here comes as rainbow girl. I stood there and then a freaking zombie came and pulled me down, ate my brains and also, gave me icecream for some random reason.

Those scientists are always poking around me before I joined the Hunters.

I got my bow and arrow and BAH BAMMM! They say the arrow and started screaming. And then I laughed really hard, maybe one of my limbs almost fell out. ^^’

So, I’ll tell you the rest of everything at a later time. Bye! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Icecream’s Story (part 2)

  1. I’m really really really confused. Am I a hunter now? If so, where/when do we meet.

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